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Bluetooth Earphones Worth Your Money: Try Triosi® T250

Updated on January 31, 2016

Earphones, Headphones, Earbuds - Anyone?

Bluetooth earphones or earbuds are the thing these days. You will see college students, young professionals, gamers, drivers, athletes and even some oldies wearing one. Why do people buy Bluetooth earphones? Well, it really depends upon the person using it. Do they use Bluetooth sport headphones for running? Or maybe they just want some wireless headphones to use on their Android or iPhone and listen to great music? How about for gaming? Whatever the reason is, more and more people are into Bluetooth headphones which mean more and more tech companies are creating, innovating and selling their own wireless devices.

Cool old guy using earphones!


Triosi® T250 Bluetooth Headphones – just one piece!

I saw the Triosi® T250 from an athlete friend one day. I crossed paths with him in the park and he was wearing it. I called him and he did not hear me at first. I had to tap his shoulder and then I said HI. He said he did not hear me because of the Triosi® T250. This is the reason why it caught my attention. Wearing those earbuds cancelled all the background noise. I decided to research on it a bit.

Triosi® T250 is one of those Bluetooth earphones which is used in one ear only. It can act as sports headphones actually, great for running too – since it will not fall off and will definitely stick in the ear. For people who hate long wires, this can be a worthy solution. Like my friend, he is a triathlete (running, cycling and swimming) and and he told me that he has been using the Triosi® T250 even during tournaments. It must be that good for him to use it while in competition. I did ask if he uses it while swimming. He laughed and told me that it is not water-proof but it is sweat-proof.

This is the whole set of Triosi® T250.


This is how the box looks like.


Features of the Triosi® T250

I researched a bit more and found that Triosi® T250 is from the UK and the company, Triosi® Technology manufacture earphones and headphones that are really high tech.

So, what are the features of the Triosi® T250?

Ö It has three sizes to fit small to big ears accordingly, as you can see in the picture above.

Ö It will never fall off even if the user is actively working out or moving. 100% guaranteed, and according to those who have used it already.

Ö The ear buds have hooks in it to secure its placement on the ear.

Ö Sweat-proof Bluetooth earphones; I found the website and this particular model is one of the brand's sweat-proof sets.

Ö To say DURABLE is an understatement, as stated by more than 50% of the users and reviews. The material used was termed as HIGHLY DURABLE.

Ö To play music and make or receive calls, all you need to do is click on the earpiece.

Ö It can be used for 5 hours straight on your gaming and sports activities. This is the guarantee of the company.

Ö All types of smartphones and tablets are compatible with Triosi® T250.

This is how to wear it on your ear. Look at how the hooks are in place and clinging to the concha (ear part, lining). It will secure the earphone even if you mo


Use it while you run like my friend did. No problems, as he relayed to me. No falling off too. Great sound quality. Oh and yes, take that important call just be


Other things I found out about Triosi® T250

Some wireless headphones sound amazing at first use and then come regrets for the user – terrible sound, not tough enough and uncomfortable while in use. This is not the case with Bluetooth headphones like the Triosi® T250.

- These Bluetooth earphones are superior in sound quality. The base sounds really rich, the mid is very deep and the high tones are crisp to the tune.

- Noise cancellation, check! (CVC6.0)

- EDR technology, check! (EDR or Enhanced Data Rate is 2mbps from gadget to earphone)


Does it have warranties?

Buy with confidence, as they say.

The warranty is 24 months or 2 years. This is the longest product warranty I have encountered on any such item being sold anywhere in the world.

The company also offers a 45-day money back guarantee. If the user is not satisfied, they can return it in 45 days and expect for a refund. Some companies do not offer 45 days but with the Triosi, they are willing.

Of course, receipts must be in tact plus the headphones have to be of good condition.

What are users saying about the Triosi® T250?

  • They like the design (going in one ear only) and the sound quality.
  • They say the price is worth it for high end Bluetooth earphones.
  • One of the users says that the packaging or the box is eye-catching.
  • It is simple to use and the manual is easy to understand, according to buyers.
  • 5 over 5 stars!

All these were gathered from Amazon buyers. My friend was right. Triosi® T250 is really a nice device. After using it for a few minutes, I wanted to buy one for myself.

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I give it 5 stars! I love the way it delivers the sound from my mobile phone. Thanks Eric for letting me try!

5 stars for Triosi® T250


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