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Bluetooth Headsets - Motorola HS850 vs Motorola H12

Updated on October 1, 2011

The Motorola H12 is the second Motorola Bluetooth Headset that I have purchased. The first model was a Motorola HS850. It is hard to say which one I prefer because each one has upsides as well as downsides. Technical information aside - if you do not like using something you won't. If you do like using it you will.

The Motorola HS850 is a bit larger than the H12 but weight wise I could hardly tell any difference. The HS850 would probably win as far as the ease of use. Simply open the "boom" position the earpiece over your ear and you are set. It feels somewhat wobbly but it does not fall off. I was able to jog with it on and had no problems.

The H12 is very small and lightweight. It is not difficult to use but there is an off on switch on the top. Sometimes after a few hours of wearing it I realize that it is not turned on and I have to hold it with one hand and switch it on with the other. I do appreciate the tone that it plays as it powers on. I know that is turned on and it makes me aware of the volume level. The small clear thin plastic hook can hardly be seen when wearing the H12 and it also secures the headset quite well. I hardly notice any movement when brisk walking or jogging.

The major difference between the H12 and the HS850 is that one sets on the ear and the other sets just inside the ear. This has been the biggest hurdle that I have found. My ears must be smaller than those of the designers. Since the H12's microphone fits inside the ear it has small rubber pieces that surround it for a snug fit. Even the smallest one is too big in my case. I have tried reshaping it by cutting and sanding the edges but have not had much success. Now I simply tuck the microphone into my ear and then re-adjust it when a call comes through.

Voice dial is available on both the HS850 and the H12. This is a handy feature anytime but especially when driving.

Battery life is great on both if the HS850 or H12. The HS850 has 8 hours talk time and 200 hours standby compared to the H12 that is rated at 5.5 hours talk time and just less than 200 hours standby. Charging the batteries is easy. The HS850's power cord is just like the one for the Motorola Razr cell phones. The H12 has two separate charging stands. One is open and one is a small case with a snap down top. Small magnetic contacts insure proper placement on the charging stands but there is not a way to directly plug into the H12.

Both Bluetooth headsets are quality filled. It is more a personal choice where the design is concerned. The Motorola HS850 is more noticeable because it is a bit larger and the blue light flashes periodically. When compared to the H12 with its tiny little blue light that you hardly notice the HS850's blue light is quite obvious. The H12 is considered by some to be a bit sexy with its shiny metal finish. Personally I think it is cute because it looks a lot like a miniature old fashion radio.

I would be happy using either the HS850 or the H12. I really want to use the H12 because of the background noise that I am constantly around. If I can ever get the earpiece to be more comfortable it would be great - but it is not so bad if I do not concentrate on it. So far the upsides of the H12 are winning.


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    • tulwave profile image


      10 years ago from Orlando,Fl

      cool litttle hub. I really like the layout. I haven't gotten a headset yet because I have bluetooth in my cary. However, I am thinking of taking the plunge soon. thanks for the info


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