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Bluetooth Stereo Headphones: Portable Music Without the Wires

Updated on September 28, 2011

Better Listening with Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

You spend a lot of cash on a music phone or media player, and what do you get? A really cool device with a bad headset. The sound my be tinny, the bass weak, and the listening disappointing. But there is a way to rescue the situation. A good pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones.

The best audio quality is generally delivered by wired headphones, but when you're mobile, wireless is the way to go. Bluetooth stereo headphones can offer good sound quality, noise isolation, and in some cases, active noise cancellation. They can allow you to listen handsfree, with your device tucked away in a backpack, purse, or pocket. They offer freedom as well as a better audio experience.

Buying Tips
Choosing a good pair of these headphones means you'll need to find a pair that:

- fits well; it assures comfort and helps block out background noise
- offers the controls you want
- operate at the range (distance) you need
- provide the battery life that will assure you won't get stuck mid-flight or commute with no power
- most importantly, have good sound quality

You can talk to friends and acquaintances, but since you may not know someone who's tried the headphones you're considering, reading current customer reviews online can help detemine sound quality. Each product below offers customer reviews when you click on the individual item. You can also do an online search using the item name and number.

Below you will find some of the Bluetooth stereo headsets that have received the best customer feedback.


The MM400 Bluetooth stereo headphones from Sennheiser uses stereo A2DP Bluetooth for wireless listening. They are ideal for multimedia capable mobile phones, featuring easy to use controls (volume, on/off, change tracks) on the right ear cup. They offer a closed back design to seal out unwanted noise (passive noise isolation) and an optional cable for those time when you want to use them as a wired headset (when on an airplane, for example). They can sync with up to 5 devices and can be recharged via USB port or with the included wall plug.

The MM450 headsets offer similar features with the addition of NoiseGard 2.0 active noise cancellation (90% noise cancellation). They offer the TalkThrough feature so that users can press a button to converse with others without having to remove the headset. Using Bluetooth 2.0, this is another wireless stereo headset. It's optimized for MP3, iPod, iPhone, portable media players, and in-flight entertainment systems. These headsets provide up to 10 hours of listening per charge and come with a 2 year warranty.

The PX210BT are also great for media players and cell phones. They offer outstanding audio quality with neodymium magnets and Duofol diaphragms. These Bluetooth stereo headphones are highly portable due to a collapsible design and metal-reinforced headband. With controls on the earpiece and a 33 feet transmission range, it's easy to leave your device in a pocket, backpack, or purse and keep enjoying your music. The headsets offer 12 hours of listening time and 200 hours of standby per charge.

A Closer Look at the Sennheiser MM400 Headset


Sony's DRBT50 headphones are compatible with A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth devices. They offer great sound via 40mm driver units with neodymium magnets. They offer an outstanding 17 hours of listening time and 200 hours of standby per charge. The remote control within the earpiece offers easy control. They also feature a built-in microphone for voice calls and can pair with up to 8 devices.

The more affordable Sony DRBT101/WQ offer good sound, Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, and remote control functions on the headset. They also include a built-in microphone for taking calls, clear voice technology for optimizing human voice, and echo cancelling technology for even better call quality. These Bluetooth stereo headphones will even pause music when your calls come in.

Motorola S895

These are among the most budget conscious Bluetooth stereo headphones. They offer good sound quality with 40mm neodymium speakers and controls for track/volume and call answer/play-pause. They offer noise, echo, and wind cancellation to help isolate you from unwanted noise. They also offer a wired connection for stereo MP3 players.


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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 7 years ago from > California

      Hi mulberry1,

      I think all are fine choices, I've always liked Motorola's noise cancellation feature, seems to work well. Thanks for the extensive research and pertinent information. Very handy to help decide which way to go.