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Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Updated on July 20, 2009

A Bluetooth stereo headset offers a comfortable, convenient and high-quality solution to listening on the move. Enjoy wire-free, hands-free listening of music as well as being able to seamlessly integrating with a phone call without missing a beat.

These classic, comfortable and lightweight Bluetooth wireless headsets offer the leading cordless solution for listening to countless sources or music and audio files and an extremely popular accessory with active listeners and manufactures alike.

Bluetooth is a short-range communication protocol for transferring data over short distances from a mobile or fixed apparatus. These stereo headphones (or headsets) allow a listener to connect wirelessly to digital-quality components, such as a iPod, Computer, Mobile phone, Stereo System or Home heater System, or any such electronic device that supports the Bluetooth technology.

Types of Headsets

Motorola, Plantronics, Sony, Nokia, Jebra, Samsung, Logitech, and Blueant all manufacture a series of headsets providing superior sound quality and usability. The best Bluetooth headset or headphones all incorporate an immense selection of innovative features.

Headsets can cost in the region of $35 for a behind-the-head wear style, for someone with an active lifestyle, all with innovative call and music controls to $125 for a DJ styled headset or $205 for a wireless in-ear set of earphones, all equipped with leather case, USB charging cable, ear tips, filters, and changing tools, as well as many other models in between.

Bluetooth Accessories

If an existing cell phone isn't compatible with the Bluetooth technology than it’s an option to purchase a headset adapter to give a phone user that ability to operate a Bluetooth headset with a non-Bluetooth mobile. Bluetooth accessories often feature such extras as car kits, mono-speaker, carrying cases and adapters.

Bluetooth stereo headphones, headsets, and earphone are universal compatibility in design so that these devices can function with whatever device (MP3 player, stereo, or phone) it’s fitted with as long as it operates the correct technology and protocols.

A Bluetooth stereo headset or headphone set is offered in a multitude of different designs and styles to accommodate all tastes, all producing high-quality sound and often able to reduce or block ambient sounds (background noise). If in need of the ultimate hands-fee solution for listening to music or operating a cellular phone than it might be wise choice to invest in one of these wireless earpiece sets.


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