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What Everybody Ought To Know About Book Printing Software

Updated on April 1, 2016

The printed word gives the author an opportunity to entertain, instruct, inform and persuade an audience long after he or she is gone. A book is an extension of the author's life, a type of longevity that allows an author to teach others from generation to generation. Millions of books are printed year after year, with countless messages. As technology continues to evolve, book printing is becoming a skill that almost any design artist or author can learn.


Book printing software is designed for graphic designers, layout artist, authors and copy editors in order to simplify the publishing process in a variety of ways. The most popular book printer software appeared on the market in 1987 through 1992, near the end of the 20th century. During the time, Quark XPress was the most prevalent book printing software, once controlling over 90% of the market share. However, Xpress's dominance changed when Adobe design was introduced in 1999 and now appears to be the leader in the book printing software industry.


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Book printing software contains a number of dynamic features. Graphic designers and layout artist can perform a variety tasks using such tools as layout synchronization, multiple fix/unfix operations, web page features such as HTML and XHTML, sequence control of text and graphic while exporting to HTML, quick text creation that splits into multiple columns, multilayer transparency as well as a wide range of layout templates options. These features provide graphic designers and layout artist with a wide selection of tools to create books, e books, and a variety of other print documents.

How It Works

Graphic designers are not the only people equipped to operate book printing software; those who are serious about book printing in general(authors, copy editors) will find book printing software easy to use. All the user has to do is follow the operation manual to get started.


He or she will discover a variety of layout styles and colors, including an intuitive interface and multilingual functionality, depending on which brand of book printing software he chooses.


Several types of book printing software are available, including, Quark X press, Adobe i Design, Microsoft publisher and word processing software such as Microsoft Perfect. For large organizations that desire to create a large volume of books and other creative design, the Quark X press and Adobe i Design will provide all the tools necessary to complete any project. For people who desire only to print a small number of books or documents, Microsoft Publisher and Word Perfect can organize pages, apply basic formatting and style, graphics, spell checking and other simple features.

Perks & Price

Book printing software offers graphic designers, layout artist, authors and copy editors several benefits, including the ability to organize and manage a book's layout and design, unlimited publishing, operation efficiency, creativity and instant accessibility. In addition, self-publishers and authors can save thousands of dollars by avoiding book publishers and professional designers. Investing in book printing software is well worth the cost. The software can be purchased at authorized resellers sellers or online store such as Adobe, Quark and Microsoft for a price under $800.00 dollars.

The E-Book: The New Kid On the Block

Although most experts believe that book printing software will always be in demand, the growing inclination toward-e-books are a phenomenon of the 21st century. Among college students and people on the go the choice of purchasing e-books is a godsend. The awkwardness of carrying around stacks of heavy print books is eliminated. In stead, all books can be downloaded, filed and retrieved at a moment’s notice for a class assignment or for information on a business venture. In addition, students don’t have to worry about misplacing a book and attempting to find it a little before class begins.

E-books are less costly than regular print books, a deal which allows struggling college students to save money for food or clothing.

For the author, publishing e-books is much simpler than publishing print books. It doesn’t require purchasing papers and a lot of other equipment. All an author has to do is write the book and lay it out in e-book format and upload it his personal, social or academic website.

Moreover, authors who desire to sell their work can become and independent e-book seller or partner with amazon kindles to reach millions of readers.

Nevertheless, book printing software will be demanded to publish books for the majority of book lovers who like the feel of the printed word in their hands. Book readers like to peruse meticulously through the pages, highlighting ideas and experiences over and over again. For their sakes, an author will need book printing soft to print and distribute multiple books on demand.

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