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Bose Sounddock - the best ipod docking station in the world.

Updated on September 9, 2013

Bose Sounddock

The Fantastic Bose Sounddock
The Fantastic Bose Sounddock | Source

Ipod Docking Station

When my wife bought me my first iPod, I immediately knew what gift I'd be asking for next - the only thing you need to go with your iPod, the Bose Sounddock ipod docking station. Forget all the other mp3 speaker systems, this is the absolute Rolls Royce. I first came across Bose speakers in the early 80s when I was working as a roadie in Scotland. Most of the bands had the traditional sound rig - about 20 bass bins and a plethora of other sound units. These rigs were heavy, expensive and needed a small army to load in and out of the gig. Then one day I went to see a band called the Revillos, who worked with about 6 Bose all-rounders a side - light, easy to move, but still expensive. The sound was truly magnificent; everything was there from the deepest bass to the clearest tweets. I was hooked. Nowadays things have moved on and Bose make their speakers much smaller but still retain an astonishing range. They are also still reassuringly expensive, but not totally out of reach. Try them - you'll be amazed at what sound can come out of such a small space!


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