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Bose SoundDock Series II- Review

Updated on October 10, 2011
a compact efficient stereo system with top sound
a compact efficient stereo system with top sound

You can't go past this for an all round stereo unit

I love my music. I am also a musician (guitarist and singer). One of my mates had a Bose iPod player and he swears by his machine. I went over to his place and checked his system out. He had one of the old standard type stereos with an amp and speaker etc for me to compare it to.

The Bose unit is tiny, and it is so stylish. It looks like a tiny rounded oblong box. Gone are the days when you had a CD player and an amp and a separate set of speakers with wires and mess everywhere.

This little unit totally outclassed my mate’s standard stereo sound-wise.

The treble is crisp and tight, the bass is not bad, it's not as good as having a separate Bass speaker but it's seven out of ten, and you can turn the thing right up to the point where it hurts your ears, and it does not distort. There are 2 models. One with a battery to make it portable, and one without. The one without the battery is about $100 cheaper, and I went for that.

The unit has an auxiliary jack so you can listen with other units, such as a CD or DVD player. You can also plug an iPhone into it. Don’t lose the remote though as it controls most of the functions, like on, off, skip to next song and volume. You can operate the volume from the machine itself. It has 2 little buttons either side of where your ipod docks at the front.

Bose do not give out specifications though on the wattage of the speakers. Apparently it is a closely guarded secret because the wattage is very low but it puts out a big sound.

The other good thing about it is you can move it from room to room quickly. I get home, sit on the lounge, pick up the paper and reach for the Bose remote, flip the on switch and I am in heaven.

I also got one of those little ipod radio converter thingy’s for the car radio. I just grab the ipod out of the Bose machine and take all of my music with me to the car. The good thing is I don’t even own an ipod, I borrowed my sons. Any of his mates that come over for a party or just to say gidday can bring their ipod and snap it into the Bose and hey presto, they are listening to their music!

To summarise, this is one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever purchased. I have gained so much happiness out of it. It’s a bit expensive but when you weigh it up against buying a complete stereo system it works out far cheaper and the sound is just as good, if not better. Next week I am going to buy my own ipod.

Listen to your favourite music on cutting edge technology

Iphone- great for phoning the kids to say your late


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    • wildchild1962 profile image

      wildchild1962 2 years ago from Geraldton

      Matthew, bad news, after about a year I spilt a little bit of water from my mug, maybe 2 drops and it hit the connection and the whole unit is dead! A complete waste of money in the end. I won't by another one mate.

    • profile image

      Matthew Ireland 2 years ago

      Hi, my only concern is the ipod connection on the unit as i purchased a panasonic mini system and the connection stuffed up twice under waranty in a very short time so it only plays cds so its getting given away so how does the Bose series 11 hold up with this problem any feed back would be great.

      cheers matt from Darwin Australia