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Bounce App Review

Updated on February 24, 2013

Upon entering the site there is a very clear call to action for what you should do. There aren't all that many options, and the red color of the "grab screenshot" button tells you this is what you want to be doing. What this site does is when you the user paste a URL into the little box on the homepage the site generates a screenshot of the website you want to annotate (basically just what it says its going to do).

When the screenshot is generated its a continuously scrolling page, meaning that unlike when you try to take a screenshot with the print screen button on your keyboard and have to take multiple shots to capture a large page, Bounce makes one long screenshot. Then when you have the screenshot just like it says on the homepage you can click and drag to create notes. What I didn't like was that every time I made a new note the boxes were numbered, I don't need to know how many notes I made on a page and when you are collaborating with others do we really need to see how many notes each person made?

Another missing feature I found is the ability to log in. What happens on this site is that when you first annotate a page you are given a color and the ability to give yourself a name, this is useful if you are going to be sharing the page with another person. When a second person views the page they are given a new color and the ability to name themselves as well. A flaw that I found in this model is say, I started to annotate a page but didn't have time to finish so I save it to come back to it later. The only problem is when I come back to it later (through the URL) I am given a new color and generated as a new user, but I don't want to be a new user! Perhaps this is a feature that will implemented later on.

3 stars for Bounce App

The bouncy ball mascot is a cute idea. When you are waiting for your site to load it even bounces, it gives the site a personality. Feels almost childish and playful. A small added feature on the homepage that I'm sure most who come here don't know is that if you click on the ball it will invert the colors of the page. is an app that I liked the basic idea behind but haven't really felt that it did what I wanted it to do. What I wanted to be able to do with this application was to change the website to be just the actual content. Like how readability makes an article just the article text without any of the ads. Then I wanted to be able to put notes on the page, like it says that it is able to do, but I wanted to be able to highlight in addition to annotating the webpage. Perhaps I will just have to look somewhere else for these features.

Does anyone have any suggestions for apps that will do what I want? Any suggestions for services I should try out?


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