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VoIP Makes Working from Home Easy

Updated on December 22, 2011

Changing Work Paradigms

Work habits have been changing at a rapid pace all over the world. The emergence of new industries like call centers have provided the impetus to people to search for new ways in which they can remain productive. With the rising prices of gasoline and companies always seeking to lower costs coupled with the boom in the service industry, "work from home methodologies" are quickly gaining acceptance.

There are many benefits to allowing employees to work from home. A company which has remote workers needs to spend less on infrastructure such as workspaces, telephones, cafeterias and transport allowances. From the point of view of the employee, the ability to sit in front of one's computer at home provides them with massive cost savings, rids them of the hassle of transportation and enables them to spend more time with their families which would normally be lost in transit.

VoIP enables this kind of work environment. These days, people are far less tied down to a single device than before. It's necessary for a person to be reachable no matter where they are. VoIP technologies allow a person to carry over their work phone number into their home so that there is no difference in the way other people contact them. And this is only the beginning.

VoIP enables Work from Home facilities
VoIP enables Work from Home facilities

Flexible VoIP Systems

The key benefit of VoIP systems, is their flexibility. They can be molded into whatever work structure is necessary at a given time. So if a person decides to come to work, they can redirect their calls to the office landline. If they stayed home, they can ensure that the same number rings their personal mobile device or even their home phone.

Companies on the other hand have a lot more control over their telephone services. An employee who leaves doesn't take their telephone number with them. Instead, the company can ensure that it's allocated to someone else who will take over all the former employees contacts and deal with all incoming calls as necessary. All of this is done quickly, without hassle and through a simple GUI interface without any middleman delaying the process.

Along with VoIP, many other services can also be migrated to the cloud. Such as chat, e-mail, and even the processing of documents. Quality VoIP phone systems enable employees to talk to each other in HD voice via a reliable hosted business VoIP ITSP. These providers are far more personalized, responsive, and cheap then a large Telephone Company. Find out how you can get started in less than 15 min. by contacting one now.


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