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Brave New World is Here--U.S. May Check Web Use

Updated on January 8, 2007

Attorney General Proposes to Invade Internet User Privacy

Attorney General, Alberto "Smiley" Gonzales is floating a proposal which would require Internet companies to retain for government inspection a record of Internet sites visited by their users. Variously, the need to stop child pornography, national security and computer crimes are cited by the Justice Department as reasons for the proposal.

Critics see Gonzales's proposal as "just another step toward total surveillance of citizens, joining warrantless wiretapping, secret scruting of library records, and unfettered access to email."

Here is a link to an article on Gonzales's proposal by John Reinan of McClatchy Newspapers.

Guardians of our Civil Rights--Ashcroft and Gonzales

George and Smiley Al, Bush's Hispanic Lawn Jockey


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    • rockinjoe profile image

      Joseph Addams 11 years ago from Standing right behind you!

      I'm all for the safety of children and victims of fraud and internet crime. I'm also for defending this country from attack by its enemies. I am definitely NOT a fan of the government spying on its own citizens through wiretapping, internet useage or any other means. I've always been pretty conservative, and have tended to vote on the right more often than not, but something like this makes me roll my eyes back and wonder. Thanks for a great hub, Ralph.