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Break the Blocks - A Fun Game App for Android

Updated on January 3, 2012


Break the Blocks, or BreaktheBlocks, is a fun game app for android. It is by far the best block breaking game on the market. My favorite computer game as a child was Arkanoid, a breaking block game I played on my Apple II. I've been searching for an equivalent game ever since Windows 95 came out. BreaktheBlocks is the closest I've founded. It is easy to learn to play and runs smoothly.

Warning, BreaktheBlocks, can be extremely addicting.

How Break the Blocks is Played

BreaktheBlocks is an easy game to get the hang of. It's kind of like ping pong. Use the paddle, which you can slide across the screen with your finger, to control the trajectory of the ball. Hit the blocks shaped like bricks to break them. Be sure not to let the ball drop or you loose a life. Don't worry though you start out with three balls. Once you break all the blocks on the screen you move on to the next level. There are 50 levels in all to play. The game saves when you exit but you have to start at level 1 again when you loose all your lives

Break the Blocks Hints

What do the block colors mean? Yellow blocks need to be hit once to break. Blue blocks need hit twice. The grey blocks don't break and are obstacles to aim around.

When you break certain blocks special tokens fall out. Catch the tokens with your paddle. Beware not all token are helpful, some actually make the game harder. The tokens are as follows:

The Good

  • Green 1 - Adds one life
  • Purple B - Bonus points
  • Grey L - Long paddle
  • Yellow S - Slows the ball speed down

The Bad

  • White S - Short paddle
  • Red F - Speeds the the ball up

If you acidently got one of the bad tokens, try to hang in there. The opposite good token will fix it.

We you first start a level try not moving the paddle after you first launch the ball. You should be able to bounce the ball straight up and down until all the blocks in that column are broken.

Amazon's Free App of the Day

BreaktheBlocks was the free app of the day December 1, 2011.


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  • sls450 profile image

    sls450 6 years ago from USA

    Now I just need to find Oregon Trail.

  • ehow101 profile image

    ehow101 6 years ago from LA

    I love this game and I already played it when I was a child back in the 80s. Some games never die...