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Breaking The Dawning Age

Updated on June 13, 2015

Getting Aware Of Our Times (by: Albert Gran)

This is one of the most fascinating topic by which throughout decades or centuries past many social experts had research about this most scientific world of advancement as supposed the process for world's welfare and the basis for life's convenience.

Everywhere you had observed how advanced technology provides convenience to people especially in communication and labor aspects. Machines are advancing to create jobs easier. Computers controlled other machines to perform job functions for an easier production of goods and secure strenuous labor jobs if has been performed by manual labor.

It seems life nowadays had instant services for convenience and we therefore sometimes thought how good our current era seems to be. Many supposed we had better future lies ahead when we give all due cares to the environment developers all the sanctions in utilizing our dwelling places. We must take all extra care and effort to be aware what negative effects had been brought in the quest for continuing development such as the big infrastructures or industries.

These innovative mechanical tools, the advance satellite systems, land and air transportation, and even our modern system of communication rapidly increased its sophisticated effect believing it would ensure fast performance with the most efficient functions for convenience.

It's as though how machines really took over more than half of manual labor compared to the centuries and even decades' past. It's just that creators and inventors in our time kept on improving technology system to let things done easily and conveniently.

Having said the realities how machines in our times had brought significant effects to men in terms of the benefits, it came to my mind that someday many business men would no longer needed other humans to do the labor in different fields and in every labor sectors since machines will definitely take hold the function in replacement of human skilled jobs. It then might result to massive lay offs of employees and laborers. Furthermore, this future event would create economic imbalance to the general poor whose families shall greatly be affected. Those who owned machines will even become richer and the poor shall become poorer.

It has been my prediction at times when the so called machine era shall be manipulated by those manufacturers who were run by big business capitalists and investors who aimed at creating a more increased production with lesser budget of expenditures using machines which shall be manipulated by few individuals.

This is the fear of many poor labor citizens who worked in the urban areas whose jobs will soon be affected through the machine modernization program ensuring an innovative and improve system for production with multiple supplies compared to human labor.

It's not a presumption but a mere prediction with high rate of possibility as technology had been kept changing and improving. The future robotic system aiding up man's convenience which is specifically designed for rich men and well off, I would say might be massively created in order to perform several services in different offices or even at home for chores purposes.

It's soon my prediction how severe chaos and more sufferings of men which would soon be felt especially among the lower class citizens which belonged to the labor groups. They would lose their jobs when technology will take over the function of majority's laborers in our community.

It's the era when money became the strongest and most powerful system manipulating the affairs and activities of the elite. It's perfectly noticeable in our time how money strangely manipulates peoples' activities. It's the majorities' priority greater than the true God.

This is a substantiated theory of which the conditions and phenomenon set forth in the recent activities of human beings will lead to such future remarkable and dreadful chaos to mean what convenience opt for the few proponents would create the most dreadful and terrible devastation in the entire planet.

Ensuing peace in this world had perfectly been built by moral respect of life and shall provide quality life effect among the general citizens and residents without hampering their freedom and right to survive with jobs that generate substantial benefits. It established satisfactory home imbued with love and prosperity.It has maintained the essence of a peaceful and happy environment wherein people satisfactorily exchanged their skills and expertise.

Many big companies and corporations which had turned vast areas of land which is supposedly to be inhabited and distributed to the poor. Clearly, this is the reason why many residents had no place to stay as investors had gain control the settlers' land due to power and huge resources, money, and machinery.

This great value of controlling world's use of money and mechanical resources must be placed in proper balance to not hamper individuals rights and freedom to survive. This is the most effective core plan as set up for those who run in the different global higher ranks and world leaders to perfectly create good balance and maintain the right perfect perspective of a satisfactory and sustaining life.

This shall be a concept wherein leaders must decide to be pro poor or pro rich. In our current system, money seems the god who control the lives of people that even many individuals would try to loose their morality and affection just to ensure their self security.

These things are already working and it would continue until time shall be called "dawning age". It will get to worse as it should be when men always think only for the benefit of few but not for all.

As global innovation continued to spread out environmetal change had severely occur causing so much destruction and ill effects of people.

What honor we do give for life protection and ensuing peace when our love has been focused to create bad effects to our environment? The fact being established resulting those who will suffer the consequences are the entire human race and all living things residing around the globe.

Maintaining peace is the core legacy for every person with vested powers in our land. It's a sole duty of every one to build and maintain great attention when benefits would truly produce joy and satisfaction to all concerned but not just for few.

Observed the fact that modern technology which improved few individual's lifestyle could hardly be achieved by the poor. It's the considering high value which only few can use.

Those who owned big machines in our times were those with stronghold obtaining bounty of cash and capital investments. Our challenge for the investors to also consider the welfare who would want to live our planet with decent space for living.

Legislators had to be wise in passing laws to ensure equal balance and proportionate use of space in our ecology with sanctions on how to maintain the natural beauty and wonder.

When they thought wise plans to create healthy and wealthy natural wonders, then strict sanctions against developers should be properly evaluated creating preservation of all species which had freely interacting each other in their own habitat.

This is the basic principle of conserving and preserving our environment. No one dares to live in an artificial world filled with varied changes and innovations.

Let's maintain the legacy before the "Dawning Age" come when your children's children had no longer place to stay. We have to start giving them hope as they're those tomorrow's future.

Imagine how many thousands of years already when men utilized the earth and developed. As time goes on, the earth's face keeps changing. Imagine yourself the debris which were scattered everywhere in the aftermath of great devastation. Those were man made wastes covering the face of our planet earth.

When nature strikes back brought by man's unawareness, those things which people seemed convenient shall be turned to waste and shall become pieces of scrap. Restored nature brought a glowing environment with fresh live habitats and conserved heritages.We must at times improved our innate wisdom on how to conserve our species which will bring hope and bright future of our next generation.

If you truly love yourself and the children's children, then do something to protect your environment before the dawning age come.

It's a precious gift when your skill and talents are devoted for ecological awareness as same as single seed planted to produce a growing plant which soon would provide much fruit for our children in the coming years. It takes a long process of time to restore the face of earth only when there were leaders who shall lead for its protection and care can do right measures with it.

This is a serious plea to start doing something for our environment or else dawn time shall come. Let not our nature stub us all with the fierce consequence of its threat due to possible effect of devastation and cosmic disorder. We have no power to hold when nature collapse but at least we can prevent now and do something how it stand still for more centuries to come.

This awareness has to be brought into attention for those who would love to see their children and their children's children in the years to come.

Both rich and poor, world leaders and investors, our main concern will be singled out to prepare for the coming of "Dawning Age".

If not now, then when shall we recognize the vital concern to conserve our mother earth?

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What is your perspective for the optimum environmental development?

1.Note so terrible.

2. It's free from hazard as there's environmental countermeasures for protection.

3. Anyone has the right to do what he wants to do in the environment so there's no impact at all.

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