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Brief Explanation Of YouTube

Updated on March 10, 2016


Over the years I'm sure we all have watched YouTube to watch music, television episodes, movies, do it yourself clips etc... In other words pretty much whatever you wanted to view or access on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Often times content is watched on the computer, tablet or even an android device. But thru all that viewing if you are like me have you ever sat and wondered exactly how did YouTube ever come about?

Genesis of YouTube

In brief Ebay employees created a program where by an individual could upload created content or videos to be able to share them with others online. I'm sure as you can imagine that was more than likely an amazing concept having the ability to upload and share videos. But the best of YouTube genesis story is not finished.

I Had A Dream

YouTube New Domain

As you can figure with any new product or content it needs a name. In Febuary 15, 2005 the internet domain name was activated as what we have all come to love and know by our use as or as we have come to know it as YouTube.

YouTube Growth

Now you are up to date briefly the genesis of YouTube on Febuary 15, 2005 but what about the growth was it stagnant or was there a big boom or demand for YouTube? Well the growth came rather rapidly because during the summer of 2006 it was considered the fastest growing site. How so? This new domain at that time had uploads of more than 65,000 of video content as well as over 100 million videos per day in July alone.

YouTube Ranking

I guess as you can see by the numbers was very popular from it's inception since it was ranked number five by ALEXA as one of the most popular websites at that time surpassing Myspace in the rate of growth for websites. To go along with that #5 ranking Nielsen average at 20 million visitors a month.

YouTube for enjoyment

So there you have it a brief history lesson on YouTube as well as the growth of this website. I love YouTube so go ahead and keep on watching your videos!

Nielsen/Net Rating

You Tube Question

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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 21 months ago from Southern Illinois

      I can't imagine not having You Tube. Not only is it enjoyable to watch, it is used in our stories we write on Hub Pages, which is the icing on the cake. Thank you for the share..