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Briquttes - Artificial firewood

Updated on February 24, 2010

briquettes made by groundnut husk

Forests Keep the environment clean

Trees are the god given prize for the universe. Trees makes the environment clean. The environment polluted by vehicles, factories and other human utilities. Trees clean the environment by its process of photosynthesis. Now a days the the population of the world is getting higher and higher. Also the utilities of the human beings are getting higher. Hardly polluted environment should lost the strength to control the bad contents of the sunlight. The layer which saving us from the ultraviolet and infrared rays from the sun is called ozon layer. In sientifical researches it is proved that the ozon layer is getting weaker by pollution and it is causing global warming. Deforestation is one of the main thing to cause global warming.

 In the past some years most of the forest areas in the earth is vanished by  man. Because of higher population the living area is getting more and he cuts the trees for living place and use of fire wood.

Briquettes is a non conventional energy, can be used instead of firewood. It is made from agro wastes. Coffe husk, Ground nut shell, paddy husk, saw dust, green gram husk, sugarcane bagasse and all other agricultural wastes can be recycled into briquettes. It is round cylindrical in shape. it is made by pressing technology by machine. it contains low moisture content and easy to burn. Briquettes gives more heat than firewood,almost 3 times better. It is easy to store.briqutte have low ash content than firewood.It gives about 4200kcal/kg energy.

Briquettes is a recycled product. It is an example for waste management. Briquette production helps to remove the wastes and turn into usable product.

using of briquettes helps deforestion. it is a good thing instead of firewood. some of the companies are using briquettes in their boilers.So use briquettes, don't cut trees. They will save us. Save the earth.


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