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Brookstone iConvert scanner-A Total Dud in Scanning Technology

Updated on September 4, 2011

The Brookstone iConvert Scanner

The BrookStone iConvert scanner
The BrookStone iConvert scanner

A Total Disappointment when it Comes to Scanners

The Brookstone iConvert not only has problems with Windows Xp machines and Vista,it is not compatible with Mac either-despite having stolen the "i" from Mac.

iConvert Slide and negative Scanner

Link to product description
click HERE
Price range
On using this product, none come to mind.
1. The output is washed out and has an un-editable blue tint.
2. It is misleadingly called "iConvert" which hints to Mac compatibility.
3. It is not compatible with Macintosh Computers
4. Does not work on all Windows XP Machines.
5. The software is very amateurish and does not fit the descriptions in the manual
6. A total waste of time and money.

Star rating 
0 out of 5, and that is being generous.

How long have you used the product?
I have had it for close to a year but only used it for one month.

Build quality and value for your money.
The build is ok but the functionality is far below your moneys worth.

Other comments
If you are considering getting a scanner for personal or professional use, then stay away from the Brookstone iConvert. It maybe worthwhile giving it as a gift to someone you totally dislike because it will give him or her endless headaches.


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