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Brother HL 4040

Updated on April 6, 2010

The Brother HL-4040

Brother HL4040: An Brief Overview

The Brother HL4040 is a multi-color printer with speeds of 21 ppm (pages per minute). This printer is quickly becoming common in homes and businesses.

The Brother HL4040 series starts at roughly $400 and is a great match for small businesses that need large quantities of printing done.

However, toner for the Brother HL4040 is quite expensive and will quickly shadow the cost of the printer in the long run. The average cost of a Brother HL4040 TN110 or TN115 toner cartridge will run you nearly $200 to replace the entire set of toner cartridges!

Brother HL4040 Series Printers

The Brother HL4040 comes in two models:

  • Brother HL-4040
  • Brother HL-4040CN
  • Brother HL-4040CDN
So you may be asking yourself "What is the difference between the Brother HL-4040 and Brother HL-4040CN?"
For one, the top tier of this series, the HL-4040CDN allows for duplex AND networking capabilities but otherwise most of the the printers in this series are fairly similar.

Brother HL-4040 Toner Cartridges

The Brother HL-4040 series printers use two types of cartridges:

  • TN110 (Standard-Yield)
  • TN115 (High-Yield)
Each of these comes in:
  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
You can imagine how much these add up over time, dishing out over $200 just to continue printing.
If you opt to use the High-Yield TN115 toner cartridges, you will be able to print and nearly 3,500 additional pages. Smart business owners keep this as a heads up next time you head down to Office Depot to buy some new toner cartridges.
So if you have a Brother HL-4040 printer, you already know how much money it costs to keep the darn thing running.
Luckily, the after market will take care of you.
You can find remanufactured toner cartridges for the HL-4040 at nearly 70% of the OEM price.
A lot of people scoff at the after market toner industry but it's come a long way since the simple refill kits of yesteryear. Large companies spend millions of dollars reverse engineering toner to its exact formulation in the hopes to sell to the larger market.
If you're looking to save a quick buck, you should definitely check out the after market toner for the Brother HL-4040.
But if you REALLY want to save some money, check out the next section...

Brother HL-4040 Toner Refill Kits

To save the most amount of money on your TN110 or TN115 toner cartridges, you'll want to go with a toner refill kit.

A toner refill kit is exactly as it sounds, it's a set of tools (and toner) which allows you to refill your own toner cartridges.

I've done this a few times myself and I must say, at times it can be a bit messy but once you know how to do it, it becomes second nature.

A refill kit generally contiains:

  • Toner
  • A hole-making tool
  • Wipes
  • Plugs
This is a basic toner refill kit but for the Brother HL-4040 it's a little complicated.
The HL-4040 uses a set of gears to regulate toner levels, once it hits zero you'll need to reset these gears by taking the gear box apart.
It's not all that hard however, all it takes is realigning a few gears and then you're set. It's a really great DIY project - plus you save money!

Brother HL-4040 Printer: In Action!

Brother HL-4040: Final Thoughts

The office I work at currently uses the Brother HL-4040 as one of the main printers throughout the office.

Although we overload it quite often with massive print jobs, it stills holds up really well.

The only problem with the HL-4040 is that Brother still needs a lot of work to catch up the the quality that HP can deliver in color machines.

But, minute disputes about quality aside, I can say that the HL-4040 is a really nice machine. It's much better than the old days of printing out 1ppm with an old Epson printer - then you had to gear off the side thingies!

Hope this overview helped :)

What do you think about the Brother HL-4040 Series Printers?

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