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Brother and Casio Color Digital Printers Use Advanced LED Technology, Better Than Laser Printers

Updated on February 22, 2011

Looking for a New Printer? Consider an d LED, consider Brother

Looking for a new printer?

Casio's "digital color" printers use new LED laser technology that is cheaper and more reliable than conventional color laser printing. Basically, LED printers have fewer moving parts. That spells efficiency, and it also spells fewer parts that might break. LEDs tend to be cheaper, and they can be faster, though as a rule laser printers tend to be faster.

Casio's digital color printers and LED printers do tend to have lower resolution — max horizontal of 600dpi while 1200 dpi is the current standard for most common laser printers. LED printers are limited by how small LEDs can currently be made, and 1200 dpi is pushing it.

If you need a high-resolution printer, say you are a graphic artist or print a lot of photos at home and care that they are top-notch resolution or you do any kind of at-home publishing, then obviously the Casio, Brother or any LED printer is not a printer for you.

However, if you are looking for an all-around good, high quality printer for basic everyday needs — text documents, some photos, maps and the like — consider a color LED printer. You will save money and you are buying efficient and reliable technology.

Casio invented this LED printing technology, and Brother has developed it further.


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