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Browsing with Google Chrome on Kindle Fire HD

Updated on January 15, 2013

Ever since I installed Chrome for Android on my Kindle HD device, browsing the web has always been a wonderful experience.. This is because I now have two browsers on which I can alternative my browsing activities. One particular reasons why I think Chrome suits me better than Silk is because It allowed me to easily import my bookmarks and settings just by using the Google sync sign in button. One the Silk browser however, I would have to create my bookmarks manually as I visit sites and some sites already do come recommended. There is a lot you can do with Google Chrome on your device one you have installed it.

Advantages of using Google chrome on Kindle Fire HD

  • Offers a similar browsing familiarity as chrome for desktop
  • Allows importation of bookmarks
  • Browses as fast as silk browser
  • Offers display for both desktop and mobile sites
  • Opens multiple tabs much differently than Silk

Does Google Chrome have some limitations?

I think so, being that it is not exactly built by Amazon or came installed on Kindle

  • Doesn't play Youtube videos like Silk browser. They may be an update for this
  • Doesn't work as well on Kindle like silk
  • There are rumours that it slows down or hangs after adding a lot of plugins
  • Doesn't browse as fast or effective on Amazon like silk

Installing Google Chrome on Kindle Fire

Ordinarily, you can't install chrome from android directly to Kindle from the Amazon store, since it is not listed and being a competitive browser, you can however get chrome from the Google play store if you have an android device apart from the Kindle. You would then download the apk file to Kindle and allow installation before being able to use it.

How I installed Chrome on my Kindle Fire HD

  1. I downloaded the apk file from a file sharing website to computer
  2. Scanned for viruses
  3. Configured Kindle settings to allow installations from third parties
  4. Already installed ES file explorer
  5. Copied apk file to Kindle storage
  6. Opened up apk file with ES file explorer
  7. Allowed installation of Chrome apk
  8. Now I can open up the Chrome app by going to Apps > Chrome
  9. Signed into chrome to sync my customized settings e.g. bookmarks

Personally, I had been using Chrome browser for quite a while before the silk browser came out and when I used Silk, it seemed that it was similar to chrome and may be using the same technology as the latter, offering a faster browsing experience and excellent web page displays. Who knows the future of Chrome for Android on Kindle and whether Amazon may include chrome later on. For now, Chrome works well on Kindle after doing good on desktops and I'm wondering if Silk would go to desktop after dominating Kindle


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