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Bsnl 3g internet data speed reviews |(tests, comparisons & tips)

Updated on January 3, 2016

Bsnl 3g internet

Bsnl 3g internet speed reviews
Bsnl 3g internet speed reviews

BSNL 3g internet speed reviews

Bsnl 3g speed is as good as another network. BSNL is a government PSU in India which provides telecom services in India. The 3g Internet data services provided by BSNL company to the users for accessing high speed Broadband Internet. It's been a misconception in the people about the BSNL complaint that the speed provided by their three G service is not up to the mark of the private competitors. People have this wrong intuition in their mind that the BSNL 3GP speed is slower than the private competitor companies.

Comparison of BSNL 3G data vs Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, Reliance etc

It is seen that after using the 3D Internet services of the above said companies that the speed provider by bsnl 3g Internet is not slower than the private companies. People often complain about the slowest speed of the bsnl 3g Internet connection. The reason of slow 3D Internet speed provided by BSNL is that the coverage area of the BSNL signal is less than the private companies. If I user which is at a distant area from the bsnl3g data Tower, then the speed received by this particular user will be slower than the user who is present at the tower area. This is the main reason for the slower 3D Internet speed on the BSNL network.

BSNL company building
BSNL company building

BSNL 3g internet downloading speed

It is seen that bsnl 3g Internet provides a speed of 2 megabits per second. If we divide this speed by 8 we will get the downloading speed in kilo bytes per second. BSNL 3D Internet network is really provides a speed of 250 to 350 kilobytes per second. I have been using BSNL 3D Internet services and experienced this much downloading speed by myself.

How to increase bsnl 3g speed in mobile data, Android phone or the dongle?

The answer to this question is obvious, the closer the user to the bsnl 3g tower, better will be the Internet Speed received by him. The trick to increase the BSNL 3 G Internet data is that try to be closer to the BSNL Tower for receiving maximum speed

Bsnl mobile phone
Bsnl mobile phone

BSNL 3 G speed in mobile data or Android phones

It is seen that most of the people are connected to the Internet nowadays with the help of Smart Phones. Most of the smartphones are based on the Android Operating System. Accessing of high speed Internet on this Smartphone connect a person to the world.

BSNL 3g internet speed on android mobiles

For the last 2 months I have been using BSNL 3 G Data Services. It is found that the service provided by the BSNL company is up to the mark. The misconception about the slower Internet speeds provided by the company is totally wrong. I am receiving continuously good 3g data service in my phone. The high speed Internet mobile data can be easily accessed on the BSNL network. You can easily watch youtube videos, download song and watch online streaming movies. The above said services are provided by the BSNL to me then it can also be availed by other people also.

What are the different data plans of bsnl 3g internet?

There are several data plans let's ability provided by the BSNL 3 G company. According to the individual users need, different plans are available. The three G data plans are classified on the basis of the amount of data offered, time duration for the particular plan and the other free services bundled in the plan.

The data plans can be of 1 month duration or 2 months duration. The data can be from few hundred MBs to the several GBs capacity. According to the individual need a person can select a flexible data plan for him.

BSNL 3 G data plan is also available with bundled services. You can watch live TV on your smartphone or the computer by using these bundled facilities. The BSNL 3 G data plan for watching TV is available in the price range of few hundred rupees.

BSNL 3g internet speed hacks truth

Some people have claimed that it is possible to get the high Internet speed on the BSNL network by applying some hack. We have not confirmed this. We do not know about any hack technique up till now. But we know that for sure that the BSNL 3 G data speed is as competitive and other private company present in the market. You can get high speed Internet data on your mobile by using the services of BSNL 3 G.

BSNL 3g internet speed tests

After using bsnl 3g data for several months we have experienced high speed mobile data on the phone and computer. There are several mobile applications which can be used to measure the Internet speed. On the Android mobile phones, the Internet speed checking application can be downloaded from the Google Play. After downloading one of the application for the Internet speed P get to know that the speed of word by the bsnl 3g data plans are in the range of 2 to 10 Mbs.

BSNL 3 G Internet mobile settings

BSNL 3g Internet settings are nowadays available on the smartphones. There are no need to send any messages to the company to receive the setting for the three G Internet connection. The moment you put in the SIM card in the mobile, the Internet settings will be downloaded to your smartphone automatically. Do not need to send any separate message for availing the services. Only get the three G data plan recharge on your phone to start using the bsnl 3g data.

Conclusion about bsnl 3g internet services

At last it can be concluded that the data services provided by the BSNL 3g Internet provider is as competitive as the private companies present in the market. You can use this high speed BSNL 3g data connection for watching online movies, songs and download them. The best part about using BSNL 3D data service is that it is cheaper than the other companies like Idea, Vodafone, Airtel and Reliance.


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