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Updated on July 25, 2013

Bubblews homepage screen shot


Introduction of the writing platform

The website is almost around a year now; it claims to provide a fair sharing revenue to all users. They say that the time of not sharing the proper revenue to users who creates the contents is over.

According to my research, through the help of service, the site started to operate online back on October 2012, which means it's about 9 months by now. (see the image below from wolframalpha)

A bubbler is to be paid through each unique view, like, dislikes, and comments they get from a post. They give out .01$ for each unique view, like, dislike, or comments. Which if we will analyze having 100 unique views will give you $1.


How does it work?

As I have mentioned above, it shares revenue by every unique view, like, dislike, social media shares, comments on each post. They claim that they share 50/50 revenue from ads. Each of the unique views etc. gives you 0.01$ or 100 $ per 100 views.

The site was really appealing and eyebrow raising when you first know about it.

Does pay?

Well, first I want you to know that the site is quite strict on rules, the say that if you ever break a single rule, they have the right not to pay you. They use four methods of payment: checks, paypal, visa gift card, or through exchange of items.

I have groups of Bubblers, in and outside the website. Some of my friends where continuously getting paid, some are paid with the few months and then it stopped, and luckily for me, I haven't get any yet. If I will compute it, they owe me 125$ and the last pending one of 25$, a total of 150$.

Did I break a rule? I personally can't really tell if I did. I'm just sharing my posts on social networking sites: Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. All I know is that I do my best to generate unique views. Just like our other group members, they were paid and then no.

One friend of mine generates 25$ a day there, and he's continually getting paid. I don't know why, but some or most are not getting the real deal. The support team, you can barely hear from them. They are saying that please be patient or leave, "we are new in the industry".

Well, for me, if they want to get into business longer, they should provide the quality service needed.

Website content

They allow posts of 400 characters, it can be of 150 words or more. They basically allows almost anything except pornographic, illegal, and abusive posts. I can say that few people there barely posts quality articles or lets say a mini blog post. I post anything also, from opinions to my beliefs and certain studies I do. I could say that it is fun to be there, because you are just like posting on Facebook.


Final Conclusion

This post is not intended to harm bubblews or anything. This is the reality that is based on users and observations.

I can't really tell if it is a scam or not. But let me leave you with this opinions I'm trying to figure out. Hubpages splits ad revenue by 60% to users and 40% to them. I believe that hubpages share more of ad revenue more than any other sites. Bubblews claim to share 50-50 on ad revenue.

My redemption's are still pending there, I will inform it here if ever I will have the payment. But so far, many are not getting paid.

I you are want to try publishing at hubpages Register Here


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    • Thomas Swan profile image

      Thomas Swan 4 years ago from New Zealand

      Did you get paid those unpaid redemptions? It seems to be very common for bubblews to pay the first time, and then just stop paying without any explanation. That's how all these scammers draw people in.

    • aravindb1982 profile image

      Aravind Balasubramanya 4 years ago from Puttaparthi, India

      Wow! You summed up my experience perfectly. Only that, I got thrown out after being told, "Explain how you got massive views though you have only 40 connections."