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Budget Airpods Alternative: Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Review

Updated on December 6, 2019

When it comes to the world of truly wireless earbuds, there are some brand names that reign supreme. Apple, with their Airpods. Samsung, with their Galaxy buds. Beats, with their Powerbeats Pro. One name that you don’t hear thrown around, is Anker and their Soundcore Liberty Air 2 line. If you’re in the market for a pair of earbuds and haven’t checked these out, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

I’ll be honest, before purchasing a pair of these earbuds, I had never heard of the Soundcore Liberty line. Heck, the only thing I thought Anker made was power banks! I came across this line by accident, while looking for a different brand of earbuds. These buds caught my attention initially because of their price point (which we’ll talk about later) and their overall look. Once I purchased the earbuds, I was pleasantly surprised by the design, sound quality and value that I received.

So if you’re wondering if these Liberty Air 2 earbuds are worth your time, the answer is yes! Now let’s dig into why I say that.


We’ll start talking about the design by hitting on the charging case. The Liberty Air 2 case is about the same size as the airpods case, but just a bit wider. The case has a matte finish and has a very good feel to it. One of my biggest gripes with the airpods case, was that the case was as slick as a wet bar of soap. The case for the Liberty Air 2, remedies that with a good texture that doesn’t slip out of your hand every 5 minutes.

When it comes to the design of the actual earbuds, they resemble the airpods, but are a little bit bigger. With the small increase in size also comes 4 microphones that are built into the earbuds. These mics help improve call quality and provide in call noise cancellation. The buds have built in controls on each ear, that allow you to answer/hang up calls, pause or skip tracks and even activate your designated voice assistant.

Each earpiece comes with several different size options for your best fit. For me, the biggest adjustment when it came to using these earbuds, was how they sat in my ears. I am one of those people on who the airpods fit well, without needing any adjustments. The Liberty Air 2 sat a bit deeper into my ear and would shift around whenever I laughed or made certain facial expressions. I know everyone’s ears are different, so this may not be a big deal for you, but it was something that bothered me a bit.

Sound/Call Quality

I’ll have to say, the sound quality was the most impressive part of these Liberty Air 2 earbuds. At right around $99 retail, sound quality is where I expected these buds to take a hit and show why they’re at that lower price point. After purchasing these earbuds, I used the Soundcore Hear ID app to tune the earbuds to what sounds great to my ears. The Hear ID app is a great tool that plays different tones to test your hearing sensitivity and personalizes your EQ settings to match.

The audio sounds great on these earbuds. They’re obviously not going to compete with the quality of the higher priced models, but for the price point, the highs and mids are good and the bass sounds great. When it comes to the call quality of these earbuds, I found that the calls came through very nicely. You can hear what the other person is saying clearly and the background noise around you is very well isolated because of the earbuds’ tight fit.

The one thing that I did come across when making phone calls, was that my voice would occasionally be cancelled out when there was a lot of background noise. I naturally have a soft voice, so whenever I drove in the car, I found that I would have to really project my voice in order for the noise cancellation to not tune me out. It’s not a terrible thing, because more times than not I would still be heard, but it was just something I needed to adjust to with these earbuds.


Overall, the value that you get from these earbuds is absolutely fantastic. At $99 retail cost, they’re cheaper than many of the bigger name brands, but you certainly are not missing much when it comes to quality and function. The design is great and adds some helpful features such the matte finish and noise cancellation. The sound quality is excellent and the additional mics make for a great call experience as well. So if you’re looking for a budget friendly alternative to the big name earbuds, be sure to take a look at these Anker Soundcore Libery Air 2 buds.

© 2019 Silas Bubolu


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