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Buffalax - Meme Monday

Updated on February 12, 2012

What is Buffalax, you may ask? It's not a thing, it's a person, stupid. Now ask again!

Who is Buffalax, you may ask? Well, he is a Youtube contributor, who was a madman and a genius.

He took music videos for songs in languages other than English, and added captions of what it sounded like they were saying, phonetically. Not a translation, just listening to a Russian song, and trying to figure out what English words it sounds like.

I know I can't explain it very well, let me just show you.

WARNING!! After watching these, you will have them stuck in your head. Like Mr. Disco summoned it. HA HA HA HA HA HEY!!!


His first video, and one of my favorites:

Personal favorite moment: Either the laugh, or the Mr Disco dance

Tunak Tunak Tun

A less popular, but still very funny

Personal favorite moment: Him telling Yoda there's pizza and sawdust.

Benny Lava

Yes, the grandaddy of them all. The one you've probably actually seen. This is one of my favorite Youtube videos of all time.

Personal favorite moment: The lyric "I put papaya there", but the dance with the hands on the side of his face, and the next with the thumbs.... WHAT IS THAT!?!

It's genius, is what it is.

Sadly, Buffalax's Youtube account was suspended last year, for copyright infringement. However, a lot of his videos have been reuploaded by others, so check them out.

And of course, there are newer people that have carried the torch.

Nipple Dumb

It says this is also Benny Lava, but I don't think it is the same person singing. Could be, though, that would be amazing

Personal favorite moment: When they are dancing on the beach, and there are people walking around and watching in the background.

May He Poop On My Knee?


Personal favorite moment: Dancing French's mustard bottle


This might be more dangerous than Benny Lava, it is SO catchy. I mean.... oh God.

Personal favorite moment: Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese Baby Baby Baby


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