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"Buffy" Facebook Phone From HTC by 2013 | Exclusive Review

Updated on March 28, 2012
Buffy Facebook Phone
Buffy Facebook Phone | Source
Buffy Facebook Phone
Buffy Facebook Phone | Source

Facebook Phone Buffy - The Rumours!

Facebook have drilled deep into all our lives already, in a 12 -18 months it’s rumoured from genuine sources like AllThingsD and Mashables that Facebook will be introducing a phone codenamed “Facebook Buffy” that’s deeply integrated into it’s systems. The phone is being built in collaboration with the cell-phone maker HTC. Let's set aside the rumors ( which usually tend to be true if it is from eagle-eyed sources like Mashable and AllThingsD ) and let’s put the facts first. When asked about the secret “Facebook Buffy” project the Facebook spokesperson refused to comment. However, he mentioned that their main strategy is to deeply integrate the social experience in mobile phones. Since, then implicit admission about their mobile strategy , the news of Facebook phone have gathered momentum. The phone is to be introduced by 2013. There are so many reasons that this would be a genuine project.

Facebook becomes a public company

In first quarter of 2012 Facebook Inc. filed for an initial public offering valued between $75 billion and $100 billion. When a company turns public they need a lot of base to grab on. With just software in hand and rivals such as Google ( who bakes Galaxy Nexus ), they could go down anytime if they don’t have something consistent to compete on. Google has recently, acquired Motorola the world’s first cell-phone manufacturer and Twitter has made some small partnerships with iPhone too. Facebook definitely don’t want to be left alone here without their own device. Facebook phone “buffy” could be the one!

Integrating the Growth of HTML 5 and Facebook Applications into Facebook Phone

We prefer to play facebook applications within the Facebook site when we use computers but when it comes to mobile, these apps have to be downloaded and played as separate games. Here facebook is having a potential revenue loss because they couldn’t do the in-game advertisement. To prevent this they’ve to integrate everything into the mobile device application. They’ll have to use HTML 5 to design the new interfaces and deeply integrate the social experience.

For the complete juice of social experience into Facebook

Facebook lives on publishing the changing trends and happenings around people. It gathers the crowd to share and savour the moments. However, most of the wonderful moments doesn’t always happen in front of a PC. But you’ll always have a mobile around when something good happens. Being a software professional, I take occasional glimpse into the Facebook Developer guides. They always focus much on “Mobile Hacks” more than improving PC experience. In one way, we could even say that Facebook deserves more life in mobile phones rather than PC. People, often underestimates the power of social networks. There is almost nothing in your life that you can’t share, almost every moment and every task can be collaborated and shared with your one circle or another. There is immense power in social networks to discover people, share ideas and gather information.

Do You Support Buffy ?

Could Facebook Phone "Buffy" be a Privacy Killer ?

See results

Facebook Phone Buffy could be a Privacy Killer?

Facebook Phone Buffy would be a Privacy Killer?
This could be some serious issue that pop-up in the near future. However, the concept of privacy is changing drastically these days, people are willing to share more information than before. If safe regulation and exclusive legal frameworks are constructed then the privacy breach could be controlled up to a limit.

So why does Facebook need a phone, again?

Social networks are simply not fit for the PC. With mobile phones reaching every part of human life and with alarming change in fashion and trends. There is a subtle competition between social networks to sense moments and publish it first. Facebook want to make a phone simply because.. they have to.


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    • Sworu Roy profile image

      Sworu Roy 6 years ago from Trivandrum, India

      itz cool..

    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 6 years ago from Dubai

      Great hub! Buffy would be a marvellous product of 2013. Votes up!