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Bugera V5 Tube Amp: Best Cheap Valve Guitar Amps

Updated on May 5, 2015

Bugera's Tube Tone

Bugera V5 guitar amps are affordable all tube designed amps that make owning a 100% tube driven amp a possibility for those with limited money. Valve state, or tube, amps have a special warmth and smoothness to the tone that you won't get from a solid state guitar amplifier. You have many options of tube amps, but unfortunately there are not many affordable options.

Bugera amps are made in China and are your cheapest way to go all tube and upgrade form solid state amps. These amps may become popular with those looking for a tube amp that they can modify to their tastes.

Bugera V5 Video Review

The Best Features of the Bugera V5

The fact that the Bugera V5 is an all tube amp is probably it biggest selling point. Tube amps are historically outside the novice's willing-to-pay price range. Unfortunately, novices many times blame their tone on their guitar, hoping to get a more expensive guitar and getting the same horrible tone out of their cheap solid state amp. Here are a couple other features of the V5 that make it a great buy.

  • 5 Watts. Many people think they need to go out and get a 100 watt amp head to get a big sound, but if you watch the pros, you'll notice that those with the best tone usually mic a small amp on stage. You might ask why. The answer is because a smaller amp can be driven at a lower volume for a more clear sounding tone. In short, you can get a great tone for a huge show, or even in your bedroom at home, without having to lose your hearing.
  • Power Attenuator. Many amps have a gain knob and when you turn that sucker up all the way that is the dirtiest, grittiest, sound you will get out of that amp. The Bugera V5, however, has three amp settings to lower the wattage and get as much dirt as you want out of your gain at any volume. Your options are 5W, 1W, and .1W. This is controlled by a switch on the back of the amp.
  • 8'' Speaker. The Bugera V5 has an 8 inch speaker, but it may surprise you a bit. It sounds more like a 10 inch speaker. The best part of the smaller speaker size is that it's ultra portable and easy to carry around.
  • Great Reverberation. Another common problem with buying a cheap amp can be poor sounding reverberation, or no reverberation at all. The Bugera V5 has the most widely used amp effect and it is done well. You can dial in whatever your reverberation taste is.
  • It Looks Vintage. The V5 has the looks of a vintage amp, and the sound to match. Nothing else to mention, so here's a picture.

Pictures of the Bugera V5 Tube Amp

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Front of the Bugera V5 AmpThe Back of the Bugera V5 Amp
The Front of the Bugera V5 Amp
The Front of the Bugera V5 Amp
The Back of the Bugera V5 Amp
The Back of the Bugera V5 Amp

Bugera's Company Address

146 Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands:
Road Town Airport (RAD), Road Town, British Virgin Islands

get directions

If you want to visit Music Group IP ltd., you'll have to go to the Virgin Islands. Maybe that would make a good vacation trip.

Rate the Bugera V5 Tube Amp

4.1 out of 5 stars from 11 ratings of Bugera V5


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    • TomC35 profile image


      10 years ago from Georgia

      Nice review. I have an old tube amp, and I personally rather use my small solid state amp, but I think much of the tube "tone" talk is hype.

    • profile image

      Mike King 

      10 years ago

      Sounds like some knows there stuff or did a lot of research either way they are right on the money

    • 6 String Veteran profile image

      6 String Veteran 

      10 years ago

      Been hearing about Bugeras but didn't know the deal. Now I do / thanks!


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