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BuildTech - For hi-tech Civil Engineers.

Updated on January 31, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Guest Room attached and detachable also.

This is an Extra Room through your window.This is Buildtech Invention.
This is an Extra Room through your window.This is Buildtech Invention.

This is not a Coir Red Carpet but is Geotextiles in Build Tech.

Geotextiles has come in a big way.
Geotextiles has come in a big way. | Source

Imported is Cheap,Indian Costly due to ED being low.

My Home.(with detachable Guest Room)

I learnt all about Buildtech after I had built "My Home".My idea of constructing a house was just a plan sanctioned by authorities with cement,steel,sand and briks with some pipes,wires and a tamil speaking towel headed,chewing tobacco,sitting on a stone.All I wanted was a big bed room like the one in the hotel I used to stay with my family and two sweet kids whom I thought would Like the Home I planned.Buildtech has come in a big way after I constructed "My Home".Even now houses are constructed like in good old days except few who are owners of few millions with them.You can learn all about Buildtech if you search in goggle and this might perhaps help you if you are going to build a house for yourself and your civil engineer who will draw the plan of your new home will wonder where you have learn t things that he might not be knowing.The technical textile which includes geo textiles has been a big help to construction in civil engineering that the production of geo textiles is increasing year after year and expected to keep up the expansion and research all over the world.India is much behind china in this area so much that china has its lobby and mafia or cartel that is keeping the industry back due to large scale imports and govt negligence in not imposing excise duty as much as it should be.This is helping china in selling their geo textiles cheaper there by giving no room for this industry to expand.

How much of imported geo texiles like artificial grass and other materials were imported for the common wealth games in INDIA is your guess.


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