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Building Backlinks Quickly

Updated on May 14, 2017

Backlinks are a crucial mechanism in ensuring that your website as successful as possible. The question is though, why is this the case, and what exactly is a backlink?

A backlink is exactly what it sounds like, a link that returns a user back to your site or hub.These are essential to boosting your page rank and popularity since the more backlinks that you have, the more exposure you have as a whole. When it comes to Hubpages, this is especially beneficial since the more views you have, the more you earn and thus the more money you have in your bank account at the end of each month.

Regardless of the type site that you have though, having high quality backlinks is one piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting your site ranking high in Google.

How do you get these backlinks?

Now, just exactly do you build up these backlinks? Well, you can do it manually by submitting your URL to directories, as well as setting up Facebook fan pages (and also posting the URL on Facebook) and also submitting your link to forums.

Another option is to build editorial links to your website. These are a great way to get high quality and niche relevant links for your own website.

Regardless of the method that you use to get these backlinks, it is important that it is relevant to your niche of choice.For example, you have a site that revolves around food recipes.

Therefore, you would ideally want links from sites also are food based since food is your niche. You could get a link from a site that discusses car, but it has little to no relevance. This will therefore mean that Google classes the link as pretty useless, and in the worst case scenario it will be classed as spam.

However, the biggest problem with this method is TIME and 9/10 people will fail at this hurdle. The downside of this is that your site won't rank as highly as it should be, causing a reduction in funds for you in the long term. This is a real shame since when you've got quality content, you deserve to be well rewarded for it. However, as it goes, SEO goes a long way in making or breaking you, and of course, the quicker the SEO is mastered, the quicker you'll be raking in the money.

A word of caution

One thing that you need to be careful about when promoting your website is the use of blackhat links. Google classes this as a way of gaming their algorithm. As you can imagine, they're not exactly fond of this method.

What these methods effectively do is cheat Google into ranking a website higher in the search engines than it should be. The problem that this presents with is that Google actively knowns when a website has been promoted with these blackhat links.

This in itself might not seem like a problem to many people. However, one of the things that Google does on a regular basis is perform algorithm updates. These are used as a way to negate the effects of techniques which they deem to be illicit.

The end result of this of course is that your website gets penalised by Google. This in turn will mean that it will lose its ranking. In extreme cases it can also mean that your website is completely removed from the Google index. Therefore people will never be able to find your website when using a search engine.

If it is the case that you get a lot of returning custom, this might not be a huge problem. However, if you have the type of business or website that relies on a stream of new people finding your site, then this could put it into financial ruin.

The kind of links you should stay away from include link wheels and spammy blog and forum comments. There are a lot of dangerous links you should never use, but these are the most common ones.

Social Media is a huge factor

Over the years, social media has exploded exponentially. This is largely due to the fact that more people than ever are connecting to the internet via their smartphones. We are now at a stage that allows users to post anything that they want on social media in a few swipes.

To that end, social signals are now a factor in helping your website grow. Some people class these as backlinks since they do technically leave a footprint back to your site.

When it comes to getting social signals, the easiest (and free) way to do this is to share your URL on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Also, rather than solely using your personal accounts, you should create accounts that are specific to your website. This is perfectly safe (and free) to do, and also adds to the total social signals count.


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