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Building a budget gaming setup

Updated on July 23, 2016

2 types of people

First you must decide what kind of gaming environment you prefer. Are you the type of person who grabs the controller plops down on the couch with they feet propped up to play a little Grand Theft Auto whilst you drink a Coke cola (or beer I don't Judge), or do you find yourself standing as close to that 42 inch television in your basement because you simply cant see from the couch or you just prefer being as close as possible to your T.V when playing video games? If you're the sit on the couch type gamer you might want to go with that rather than a desk setup, but just because you're a couch gamer doesn't mean you can't use your pimped out PC from the couch just hook up an Xbox controller and voila you're good to go baby. Same goes with the people who would probably prefer a desk setup just because you're using a desk doesn't mean you cant play your PS4 or Xbox One, which i would understand why you would want to use a console over a PC because lets face it PC's are expensive. A gaming PC that has the same power of an Xbox One would cost more than an Xbox one. So if your going for budget an Xbox one or ps4 is definitely for you.

Desk Peeps

So you want a budget desk type setup because you cant kick back on the couch like some people can. Well I feel your pain, I cannot sit on a couch to play video games no matter what the circumstance. That is why I am here to help you I'm excluding gaming PC's because this is budget setups not PC's but expect an article on that later. I also want to make it clear I'm not being sponsored by any of these companies I just found that their product gives the most bang for your buck. So to kick things off I would suggest blackout curtains for non glare gaming. You can order them for 15 dollars from Kohls but I'm sure if you dug deeper you could find them for less than that but for 15 dollars you cant really hate on the price. For the desk I'm including an Altra Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk which you can pick up from office depot for $95.69. A really good deal considering its a glass L shaped desk which is good for multi monitor setups or a dual monitor (200 on amazon) setup on one side and a small 32 inch Samsung TV (200 dollars at Walmart) on the other. Now its time for peripherals. I would suggest a custom Xbox one controller yes they're expensive but they use Bluetooth so you can use them on your PC, phone, or tablet. ($70) I would also suggest LED strips to run under your desk because why not they look awesome. LED strips really do vary but make sure you're not getting ones meant to be in a gaming PC unless you're putting them in a Gaming PC. And last but definitely not lest a chair just go for an amazon basics chair they're 65 dollars which isn't that bad considering gaming chairs can cos more than a GTX 960.

item Cost

Blackout curtains $15

Altra Glass desk $95

Multi monitor and or TV $200 (400 for both)

Xbox One controller $70

LED strips $25

Amazon basics chair $65

Total $470

Don't be afraid to cut corners or look at Ebay for certain things either.

Example of a Sweet triple monitor setup

Couch Crusaders

Ah yes you want the ultimate gaming experience but you want it from you couch well I can help with that as well. Starting off this setup is a Sharp brand 50 inch Television because lets face it if you're playing from your couch you must be at least 6 or 7 feet away so naturally you would need a big TV. Its also a smart TV so you can watch Netflix or Hulu on it but that doesn't matter to much because you can use Netflix on your Xbox, PC, or PS4. it goes for 300 at staples. Next up is blackout curtains which are a must if you plan on gaming during the day because glare will really make it more difficult to play video games. They go for 15 dollars at Kohls. Also I'm assuming you already have a couch and something to game with so they wont be seen on this list. Next up is a mini fridge to chill all you beverages that you might drink whilst playing. they go for around 60 dollars in general but you could probably find a real cheap on if you dug deep. Next i would suggest a custom Xbox one controller they go for 70 dollars and use Bluetooth so you could use them with your phone, Xbox, or anything that has Bluetooth. The last thing would be a Logitech k400 plus wireless keyboard its 30 dollars at staples but has a track pad so you can easily browse on your PC from your couch

Item Price

Sharp T.V $300

Blackout Curtains $15

Mini fridge $60

Xbox One controller $70

Keyboard $30

Total $475

Remember dont be afraid to cut corners and slash prices that's all up to you.

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