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Bulk Email Sending Program

Updated on August 4, 2013

Marketing is very much part of growing a business. Getting your message across to customers and potential customers about your products and services is essential to increase sales and customer base. Today, businesses have plenty of marketing channels to choose from e.g. television ads, billboards, flyers and in search engines.

But have you ever consider email marketing? There are many benefits to implement email marketing for your business like being one of the easiest and quickest marketing methods and not to mention, comparatively very affordable too. However, when your subscribers began to increase, you may find it hard to manage them. This is where a bulk email program comes to your rescue.

What is a Bulk Email Program?

A bulk email program is a type of software that helps you send email to a huge number of receivers. This program is very useful for businesses who want to stay in touch with their growing number of customers as well as potential customers. They get to send emails regarding new services and future sales and promotions.

Generally, there are 2 different types of bulk email programs. Most bulk email programs are hosted by third-party providers. These providers sell access to their services online. Customers will then pay according to the number of emails sent during a month or based on the number of email subscribers you have.

The second type of bulk email program is the standalone type which do not need any hosting. You purchase the email program’s one-off license and run it on your system. You may need to use this program with SMTP servers like Gmail to send the emails. An example of this type of email programs is Thunder Mailer. Don’t worry, this type of program isn’t all that difficult to setup. Instead, it's easier and it comes with more flexibility than the third party programs!


Who is Thunder Mailer?

Thunder Mailer is a professional mass email program that’s capable of managing all your email marketing campaign needs. The program is very user-friendly and is intended for the average user. It handles the entire email marketing process from creating the email content to delivery to managing subscribers. Some of the features that I like about Thunder Mailer are:

  • SMTP Server Options

    Emails are sent via independent SMTP servers. This means that you get to decide which SMTP server to use with your Thunder Mailer program. If budget is a concern then you may want to opt for free SMTP servers like Gmail and Yahoo Mail!

    The only downside with free SMTP servers is that there is a limit to the number of emails that can be sent at once. For example, Gmail allows only a maximum of 100 emails. If you have a couple of hundred emails, then it shouldn’t be too much trouble to send in 2 or 3 batches.

    However, if you have more than that, then you may want to consider premium SMTP servers like SendGrid, which provides you with more features and is capable of sending more than a million emails per month. It is also more affordable compared to say, Aweber.

  • WYSIWYG Message Editor

    I like having the option to create both HTML and plain text emails. HTML offers plenty of editing features like adjusting font type, size & color, inserting images and designing layouts. However, at the same time, many email clients do not display HTML properly so I would still need text emails to ensure that I am able to deliver my message to all of my recipients.

  • Email Personalization

    I emphasize a lot on the ability to personalize my emails and Thunder Mailer allows me to do just that. I get to start off each email with my recipient’s name or company’s name. This is easily done through inserting tags in my email. The program automatically replaces the tag with the respective details when it delivers the emails.

  • Filtering Bad Emails

    There are bound to be bad emails or emails that bounced or became invalid or was unsubscribed. These emails should be removed from the email list so that I can concentrate on the good emails in my next campaign. Thunder Mailer has a filtering system that removes these bad emails. We get to choose to delete them or give these emails another chance.

  • Affordable

    As mentioned, you only need to pay a one-off license fee and you get lifetime ownership and support. No monthly fees and no number-of-subscribers fees.

    The license costs only a one-time fee of $69. This is a promotional price. The regular price is $169 for the program. Once your payment is accepted, the program is yours to download or upgrade to. Thunder Mailer will not charge you anymore fees after this. Payment can be made via credit cards and PayPal.

Find out more about the company at

SMTP server
SMTP server
Email editor
Email editor
Mailing list repository
Mailing list repository

Benefits of Standalone Bulk Email Programs

I have, over the years, used both a third-party hosted as well as standalone bulk email programs. Both have their benefits and shortcomings. Personally, I prefer standalone programs, especially Thunder Mailer, because of a few reasons.

  • Cost

    In the long, it works out cheaper to buy a one-off standalone program license. At the same time, I get to decide if I want to use the free SMTP servers like Gmail or pay for premium SMTP servers for more benefits and unlimited sending capability.
  • Flexibility

    With Thunder Mailer, I am able to select the SMTP servers that I wish to use. I can easily replace with another SMTP server should the current one didn't live up to my expectation.
  • Control

    I want full control over my database and more importantly, which SMTP servers to use. If I were to use a third-party bulk email program like AWeber, I will have less control over my database and NO control over the choice of servers to use to send my emails.

Who can benefit from Thunder Mailer?

The way I see it, Thunder Mailer is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. For beginners, this program allows them to save on monthly recurring charges that third-party bulk email programs charge. Anyway, new businesses or those new to email marketing, do not usually have many subscribers yet. Thus, it’s more economical for them to choose a free SMTP server until they have grown their subscriber list considerably or has generate some profit to spend on premium SMTP servers.

For those advanced users, you would love the control and flexibility that comes with Thunder Mailer. No more tied hands with regards to your choice of SMTP servers nor will you still be charged even when you didn’t send any emails.

Free edition
Registered edition
Email sending limit
100 emails at a time
Unlimited emails
Email & Live chat
Email & Live chat
Mailing list size
$69 one time
Free edition and registered edition comparison


For those who are looking for an affordable bulk emailer that is features-packed and yet flexible, then you may want to consider Thunder Mailer. If you are curious, then I would suggest that you try out their free Thunder Mailer version. This version is exactly the same as the paid version except that the free version limits the number of emails you get to send. Now, isn’t that a great deal?


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    • ottoschneider profile image

      ottoschneider 3 years ago

      Mail chimp is the best when it comes to reporting and deliverability. It is a best tool when you are sending to the most fresh double opt in list. But you can get suspended for just a few spam complaints and a little amount of bounces.

      So as long as you are confident in your mailing lsist go with mailchimp.

      When your list can be questioned try mass email software above (yes, they are all trails, theay are never free). With software you are not limited to one provider luke mailchimp. If your list is old and many recipient may not rec you and mark as spam then get a new domain name reserved for mass mailing, get smtp for that domain with a hosting company, keep a low profile and you are good to go.

      There are no good free sofware mailers, I know this niche. One of the meast mass email software is Mail Sender from since it allow multiple smtp support, extendedreporting incl. its own reporting tool and google analytics to check CTR etc

    • fivesenses profile image

      Leena 4 years ago from new delhi

      These programmes are beneficial in sending bulk emails.