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Bundled Services Lower the Advantages of Landlines vis a vis VoIP

Updated on October 17, 2011

Landlines are no longer as reliable

VoIP technology has always had one major problem - it's dependent on the Internet. Landlines have traditionally been super reliable - even going to the extent of drawing the minute amount of power necessary from the service provider. This unparalleled service has served us well in times of crisis when the power goes down and all our other services stop working. And the lack of this resilience has worked against VoIP services for a long time.

Lately however, many people have bundled phone connections along with cable and Internet from their providers in such a way as to negate the advantages usually offered by a landline. These bundled services are now digital and are available from all the leading providers like Verizon, AT&T and Brighthouse networks. The big providers have gone digital and their services come on a single Interface through which Internet, phone service and cable TV flow.

VoIP Phones and Landlines
VoIP Phones and Landlines

VoIP Services are on par

The result of this is that when the service goes down, everything falls apart at the same time. If you lose your net connection, you've most likely also lost your phone service and your cable. While it's not critical to have cable TV all the time, the loss of your phone service can be serious. And in situations like this, it's best to have a backup with some sort of cellular service just in case you really need to make calls.

But this wipes out the advantage that landlines have over VoIP service. Loss of Internet connection also ensures that you won't be able to communicate via the landline. While such a situation isn't new for VoIP users, those preferring to use landline over VoIP now have one less reason to do so. The reliability is the same not because VoIP has become more so, but because the landlines have become less reliable.

Couple this loss of reliability with the cost, and VoIP suddenly stands head and shoulders above a traditional landline. The benefits of having one single number for all your telephone devices along with the programmability and cost advantages give it an unassailable lead. Not to mention benefits such as reliable HD voice systems which give you a clarity you never before imagined possible. Call to find out the SIP provider services available to you and how you can get started in less than 15 minutes. You might even be able to choose your own telepone number – one that you can keep for life regardless of which device you use or what carrier your phone is subscribed to.


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