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Burn out

Updated on December 2, 2010

Burning Out!

Technology burnout!
By: Thomas H Czech

New improved cell phones! Faster and more powerful computers! Bigger and better TV’s! Etc.
It seems that every month or week or even day we are bombarded by some new must-have piece of technology.
I remember when the excitement of how quickly we were advancing in the technological field was around; we watched and wondered in awe of what was to come next.
We went from wide eyed curiosity and quivered with excitement to technological overload and then to technological burn-out. Yes, we as a race of intelligent beings have burned ourselves out by all the technology which we have created.
I have recently heard of people who have gone back to typewriters and vinyl records and even rid themselves of cell phones and some have disconnected from the internet all together to combat technological burnout.
Why is this? Why so extreme? It is because of the constant bombardment by the inventors and makers of the electronics with their advertisements, telling us that we must have the shiny new electronic item. However, we are now done with it all, it is too much. So many of us long for the days gone by of simpler times. The days when we left our homes and no one could get in touch with us until we stepped into our houses again, because we did not have a cell phone or BlackBerry©.
Or the days when you received a letter by an actual mail carrier instead of by the click of a mouse.
Or how about the days when you walked out the door on a Sunday and everything was peaceful and quiet because the only thing open was the church down the road.
Yes the by-gone days of simpler times.
Many people are trying to get back to those days, but can we?
We can simplify our lives by saying “No” to buying new electronics and by being happier with what we have. Do you really need a new TV or computer, do you need one in every room?
There is nothing wrong with the advancements we have made, but the question is, do you reign over them or do those things control you? Do you give in to having the latest electronics? Or can you say “no”.
Seriously, why would you continue to line the pockets of the billion dollar corporations with your hard earned money? They would never consider giving you a helping hand if needed, would they? I think not.
I have a cell phone, I don’t use a monthly plan, I do the pay-as you go thing and my cell phone is four years old and it is considered old by today’s standards, but it works, so why would I spend money on a new one?
Remember the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? If your current electronic device is not broken, then why replace it? HMMM, that makes sense, doesn’t it?
I do believe that when, for instance, your old TV breaks you should replace it with one which uses less hydro like an LED TV; that is if you were to replace it anyway. Some people won’t even replace their TV anymore as they can watch shows on their computers.
So if you long for the simpler days of old, then make the changes which can get you there. Have self-control and do not let those things rule your life, but allow yourself to be the master of them instead.
We all need to be wise stewards of our finances and of our lives. Maybe we can’t go back, but we can certainly live in a more peaceful and pleasant manner if we simply rid ourselves of distractions and focus on what really matters, our families, health and of course God.
We must focus on the one who created us rather than focus on what we created. This is where we can begin to achieve happiness as He will teach us the true meaning of life and show us what we ought to focus on and what we need to have. Yes, need to have, not the, I want to haves.
Something to think about, isn’t it? After all, the shiny things will tarnish and rust and they will eventually be old and break and end up in the local landfill or recycling plant if possible.

©Thomas H Czech, 2010


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    • thomasczech profile image

      thomasczech 7 years ago from Canada

      Thanks, Kaie, for your comment. I turn my cell phone off most of the time now as well.

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 7 years ago

      I can easily say no........... technology is becoming more of a hassle these day than anything else. The computer is often shut down, and the cell phone spends much of its time turned off these days. There's a certain appeal to not being quite so accessible. Burn out.......... yea.......... think so! Kaie