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Business Communications - Emerging Technologies & Paper

Updated on September 8, 2017
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Cash Register

CreditCard receipt printer
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Communications Then & Now

When we think about communicate for business purpose the first thing that comes in our mind is how to. Well if it is oral we look for a telephone and in the contemporary era we think of a smartphone. The smartphone has taken the World by storm and its use for communication has outdone any other form. The handset has become indefensible like an extension of the hand.

In case of written form we look for a computer, typewriter, and presently we look for a fax machine, printer and a paraphernalia to send the message, communique or letter. Well like all know Internet and fax are the key technologies that enable written communications.

Email messaging has taken the place of snail mail. It has tremendous reach, it is lightening quick and is secure if used properly. With the development of smart security features this form of messaging will revolutionise communications and how we do business.

Hamco Paper Rolls

Guest Check

Guest Check for Restaurants
Guest Check for Restaurants | Source

Technology Then & Now & Paper

Well in this article we are talking about communications in written form. Hence earlier the snail mail was the main form of communication. The letters were hand written or printed using the typewriter. The letter was enclosed in a plain envelope with the address scribbled hastily. It took days and perhaps weeks for the communication in form of letter to arrive at its designated destination.

Then facsimile technology came into picture sent through fax machines using a telephone connection this impressed the business community. A new technology had emerged. Well more was to come.

The introduction of computer in form of desk top and latter lap top was simply revolutionary. The development of Internet revolutionised communication that we indulge in the present era. More will come and a new paradigm will emerge.

Paper was the earliest form or written communication with new technologies it is still relevant in spite of email taking the World by storm. Well what role paper plays now we will see in the next modules.....

Manufacture of Thermal Paper

Paper Rolls


Paper & Emerging Technologies

We stick here to our subject communication. Earlier we used to have paper stationery which constituted writing on letter pads and envelopes supported by pen, pencil and the ubiquitous eraser. This was the standard means of communication for a long time.

The arrival of computer associated printers involved paper in a mechanised role. Hence paper rolls and sheets came into picture to facilitate the printer's role. And we had a more automatised output the printed sheet.

The facsimile machines popularised the rolls in simple form as well as the thermal ones. FAX though still in use lost popularity with the introduction of Internet.

As technology evolved ink jet and thermal printers arrived on the scene. These especially the latter demanded special type of paper the laminated one. Thermal printers required a heat sensitive paper coated with chemical for the output.

With more automation in place ATMs, cash registers, receipts, required paper rolls or sheets as the case may be. The use of stationery widened with emerging technologies and hence the use of paper. The environmentalist dream of a paperless World and rightly so the product is indispensable so used we are to communication in the written form.

Financial Institutions

Banks Using Paper
Banks Using Paper | Source


In contemporary era a large type of business use paper based stationery in various forms. Rolls or sheets, laminated, carbon less or plain they are all in need. Albeit there is an effort to reduce use of paper it is difficult to imagine a paperless World.

Hence the office stationery dealers will have to keep in stock paper rolls and sheet. Today stationery is required for varied applications by business such as convenience stores, restaurants, fast food joints, gas stations, engineering and architect firms, financial institutions and so on...

Green Revolution

Going green is the norm in the contemporary era. This is not a fashion or trend it is a necessity. Paper is a product of floral elements that protect our environment and maintain equilibrium amongst gases that are crucial for sustenance of life on Earth.

Hence sustainable use of paper is a must. This is where new technologies come into picture and minimise use of this vital commodity. it should be the efforts of one and all to make minimum use of paper.


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