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Business International VoIP Calls

Updated on January 31, 2012

Businesses Need to Control Costs

It's hardly surprising that the business world is far ahead of the retail market when it comes to VoIP adoption. As individuals, we need not be strictly rational about our purchasing decisions. Most people in the United States for example have absolutely no problems about buying a subsidized phone and paying through the nose for it over the next two years. The reality however is that it is far cheaper to buy the phone outright in the first place. Corporations do not have this luxury. In their mandate to pursue profit at all costs, they cannot afford to ignore savings, no matter how small. Especially when there is an alternative which equally serves their needs. VoIP fits the bill nicely when compared to traditional PSTN phone systems. It has better features and is cheaper as well. But the real kicker is when it comes to international calling.

Businesses send their employees overseas on a regular basis. In today's world of outsourcing, more and more executives need to travel outside their country either for training purposes or for management reasons. These individuals require a constant stream of communication with their parent company and their coworkers. But if they wish to retain the same telephone number, they usually end up incurring massive costs on international roaming. It's no laughing matter. The bill tally can cross thousands of dollars – literally.

VoIP Cost Savings
VoIP Cost Savings

VoIP to the Rescue

Faced with these difficulties, it's no wonder that VoIP has gained a foothold in the business community so quickly. The Internet is something which is ubiquitous. When one moves to another country, one can merely switch out the SIM card and adopt the local area's wireless data networks. Using this, VoIP calls to an employee's parent company are possible. The cost savings are dramatic– they can be a hundred times cheaper. And that's not an exaggeration.

Of course to reap the full benefits of such a system, a person needs to completely replace their PSTN system with a VoIP one. This is because we still need to retain the same telephone number while overseas in order to cause a minimum amount of inconvenience. For this, people must already be using a VoIP telephone number beforehand. So while it's possible for a company to start off using VoIP solutions only for overseas calling, it can quickly spread within the organization itself even back at home once the benefits and features are realized.

VoIP executives sometimes have problems pitching to new businesses who don't fully understand all the features. But cost savings is something everyone can relate to. It is the baseline advantage of VoIP and should never be underestimated.


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