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Choosing the Right Business Card Scanner

Updated on June 2, 2010

Have you seen a business card scanner yet? If not, you're missing out. It's basically an electronic tool that you can use to easily scan in the information that is on all of those business cards that you collect at networking events and throughout the business week. Instead of having to transfer all of that information into your computer yourself, you just use the business card scanner to get the information. Then you can easily use that information to send notices, emails, newsletters and other promotional and marketing materials to everyone on your contact list. You'll no longer be missing out on making contact with your contacts on a regular basis because it's so easy to get and store their information using the business card scanner.

There are many different business card scanners out there. The one you want will depend on the price range that you're looking to pay, the features that you want and whether the business card scanner will be used for personal, small business or business use. Here are some of the different choices that are out there on the market today:

  • CardScan. This is probably the most popular business card scanner in terms of brand names that are recognized by consumers in the industry. CardScan is available in many versions so you can see that it's been regularly updated to reflect the latest technology. It comes in a personal style and a more expensive executive style to meet various business needs. Basically, it scans the business card and creates an online address book which combines the business card information with all of your other contact information (such as your email contacts). This information can be used with their software to distribute information to all of your contacts.
  • Genius. This is a basic business card scanner that will do everything you need if you are using the scanner for personal or small business use. It is a name known for its portability so if you travel a lot and make contacts on the road, it's a good one to look at.
  • IRIScard. The main thing that this brand is known for is that you can stack up a large number of business cards and let the machine deal with sorting and scanning them. Other business card scanners may or may not have this capability so if you're going to be getting a lot of business cards at once (at networking events or conventions), this is one to look at. However, it has been reported to mis-read information more often than the other business card scanners in the market.
  • NeatReciepts. This takes the concept of the business card scanner and extrapolates it to make it applicable to receipts. This is terrific for businesses that are based in accounting and can also be used for personal home finance management. It can work with existing money management software to keep track of everything online. It does also have a basic business card scanner capability so you're getting something extra, not taking anything away.


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    john 7 years ago

    forget thoses devices and forget OCR : the best way to scan your cards and have a good accuracy is an iphone application named Econtact Pro : simply scan with the iphone and transcription is done by ... humans : accuraccy 100%