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How To Buy Aakash Tablet OR UbiSlate 7 Online

Updated on December 19, 2011

The world's cheapest tablet


The first ever discovery of DataWind with the pattern by IIT Rajasthan is Aakash Tablet, launched on October 5, 2011. They had decided to sell Android 2.2 Operating system based tablet at the rate of Rs. 2500 for ordinary people and Rs. 1500 ($35) for students.

The main purpose behind launching this tablet is to create and spread the awareness amongst e-learning courses which can bind as many as 25,000 colleges and 400 universities. Recently has announced that management team soon start taking pre-order and now they did it.

December 9, 2011 update shows that Aakash stock SOLD OUT.


It supports the storage of various documents including text, audio and video abilities. It has internal support of flash memory, 3 hours of battery life, full pixel resolution (800*480). There are some of its advanced features. It also supports multimedia includes images and graphical viewing schemes.

  • The 7” touch screen
  • 256 MB RAM
  • ARM 11 processor
  • USB support
  • Android 2.3 operating system
  • HD video quality standard based videos
  • Expandable memory from 2 GB upto 32 GB
  • Wi-Fi compatibility and GPRS support
  • Solar charging
  • Inter-cellular
  • SIM based module for concealing identity
  • Output audio support
  • Low power consumption of 2 W.

Screen Shot



Buy Aakash Tablet OR Ubislate 7 Online

  • Visit where there are two options, one to book Aakash tablet and second for Ubislate-7.
  • Select that you wants.
  • After confirming, you will be asked to fill the detailed form including first name, last name, email ID, mobile, address of location, city, state, pin code and queries are the required parameters.
  • Make sure all details are correct before submitting.
  • Finally you can book the order for Aakash Tablet.
  • After making the booking, a confirmation code is sent on to the screen and to the email ID mentioned in the form. Within a 10 days you will received at home (at registered address).
  • Payment: pay money after delivery at home.

Advantage and Disadvantage

There are many personalized useful education application and also it forms organization of lessons that will helpful for students to get the knowledge from ongoing lectures. They can organize calendars for important and special occasions.

The newer version is Ubislate-7 which is little more costly that first tablet. The new Ubislate-7 (Aakash 2) tablet price is Rs. 3000. All we need to do is to just register the ID onto DataWind official site and online payment option is also available.

One drawback which is reported till now is that this tablet fails to install the apps which are downloaded from Android market. Thus we can call it as serious problem as though being operated on Android OS it fails to support its features. For its construction many entities were involved, out of which 35% of its hardware is collected from South Korea, 25% from China, 16% from the USA, 16% from India and 8% from other countries.

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