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Buy Asus eee pc 1001p Netbook Online | Review |Purchase| Best Price

Updated on June 16, 2011
Asus eee pc 1001p Netbook
Asus eee pc 1001p Netbook

Before You Buy Asus eee Netbook 1001p

Before you get to buy asus 1001p, you can go through the review of this asus eee pc here and know what are the brilliant features you get when you purchase an asus 1001p eee pc .If you need a the cheapest price and best service together, then there is no other place in the planet than Amazon, where you can compare the price with other models, see how real people who have already brought this product have written the review about asus 1001p eee pc. If you are on the pursuit to buy anything, then I would strongly suggest you not to buy until you have read some reviews online from people who have already brought. You are not going to get such an honest feed back from any shops or showroom. If you are on the look for the best and cheap netbook with unmatched style and lot of batter back-up, then you can seriously consider about buying this model of asus 1001p. Basically, the asus eee pc model designs derived inspiration from the marvelous, curved sea-shells in the beach.

It is not enough to get impressed with its beauty alone, there are tons of powerful hardware features which make the asus 1001p eee pc stand – out with other models. It most amazing feature is the excellent battery backup. The internals are crafted by the currently world’s best provider ‘Intel’. The specifications according to their importance and use are described below.

Feel and Usability

The first thing you should look for a netbook after its batter life is its weight. The asus 1001p has a lightweight of 2.8 lbs only. It has a Height of 1in and Depth of 7 in. It comes with a built-in wireless LAN antenna, which would help you connect to the internet from almost anywhere, and also built-in stereo speakers. It is also preinstalled with the latest windows 7 starter.

Processor of Asus 1001p eee pc

The best processor available today is stitched inside this beautiful netbook, the Intel Atom N450 / 1.66 GHz. They have a data bus speed for 667 MHz which is really quite high for a netbook. Our first Pentium I computers had 8-16 MHz of data bus speed (Just to give you the idea about data bus speed). Technically it’s the number of instructions it process in a second.

Asus eee pc netbook
Asus eee pc netbook

RAM of Asus 1001p Netbook

This asus netbook has a RAM of 1GB and can support up to 2GB. Let me give you one tip about RAMs, it doesn’t count how much RAM (or Video Card) if you don’t have a good enough processor to support it. So in practice the processor is what matters. Moreover the asus 1001p eee uses the latest DDR2 technology, and this is what provides the excellent 667MHz data bus speed to the system.


Other than its 160GB hard-disk, and lots of USB ports you don’t have any other menace of keeping Floppy Disks or CDs , none of them are present (this is common for all netbooks, and this is the main difference between a laptop and netbook).

The asus eee pc 1001p has a card reader as well, so that you have easy connectivity with all your portable devices such as Digital cameras and mobiles.

Stylish Asus 1001p
Stylish Asus 1001p

Display of Asus 1001p eee pc Netbook

Though the asus eee pc netbook is small, you have no space shortage for free browsing and movie views. It has TFT active matrix display and 1024 x 600 (WSVGA) with widescreen display and backlit-LED.

Video, Audio and Camera ASUS 1001P EEE PC Netbook

Again the Graphics vendor is Intel for the asus 1001p also. It uses the model Intel GMA 3150 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 4.0. This is more than enough for an above average Graphics designing or high-end Gaming.

The 1001p asus has High Definition Audio, meaning that you get all the sounds crystal-clear.

The Notebook camera has a sensor resolution of 0.3 Megapixel, good enough for fast video conferencing and video recordings. Don’t compare these megapixels with your cyber shot cameras; although they are low in magnitude, it gives excellent performance.

Overall  configurations guarantees that when you buy an asus 1001p eee pc you get  all the latest features from design to operation system tied up with it. So why wait? Check out the stores now it, and get asus eee pc netbook for cheapest price and special offers exclusively from Amazon


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      guramie 7 years ago from Bali - Indonesia

      loves this netbook :)