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JCB Toughphone Review

Updated on January 29, 2015

The JCB Toughphone Sitemaster has been proclaimed as the toughest phone in the world. But how true are the claims?

Evidently, it can survive underwater for 8 hours; can stay good even at the heat of 75 degree Celsius and can survive well at below freezing temperatures of -30 degree Celsius. It is also capable to absorb extreme vibration and compression, without getting destroyed.

Although primarily targeting the audience who work outdoors, especially people working on building sites or farms, the phone doesn't work like some boring walkie-talkie device. You can listen to music and watch videos, and the phone also provides Bluetooth connectivity to other phones and computers. It also has an FM radio.

Various tests that were conducted on this particular phone are:

1. Swimming pool test: Even inside water, the quality of the sound was quite good. The line got slightly muffled, but it was easily audible enough to have a long conversation.

2. Steam room endurance test: After keeping ten minutes in the steam room, the phone got a bit steamy from inside, but worked perfectly fine.

3. Hot sauna test: The sound quality got a bit muffled, as the phone is clearly not completely watertight, but still, one can make himself heard perfectly well.

4. Steam roller endurance test: After being placed under the wheel of a 1.6-tonne Saab and driving over the phone- back and forth 5 times, the screen remained crack-less only with a tiny scratch on the back.

5. The high drop endurance test: The phone was dropped from a first-floor window on to the patio, 12ft below and twice the height claimed by JCB. It bounced and remained fine.

6. In the freezer endurance test: After being kept inside the freezer, with frozen peas and ice cream for two hours, it came out fully functional.

7. The hot spin endurance test: The Toughphone survived the above tests with water, heat, dirt and soap. But unfortunately, it failed the washing machine test. Not that you are going to wash the phone off with your clothes!! :)

If you are interested in this tough phone, you can easily buy it online by going through the product link given below.


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