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Buy Designer Cell Phone Cases for LG and others Online

Updated on December 4, 2012

Everybody has a Cell Phone

Designer Cell Phone Cases.

How many times have you been in company, and other people have a phone the same as yours?

You want to be able to put your phone down and instantly recognise it as yours. There is nothing worse than having to sift through a whole number of phones to find your own, which may be identifiable by a chip in the screen or other fault.

You'll know yours when it rings, because it is seldom that two people choose the exact same phone and have the exact same ring-tone playing on it. Most people change from the default ring-tone as soon as they get their new cell phone.

How much better it is to have a cell-phone cover that makes your phone stand out from the rest.

Of course, people buy cell phone covers for reasons other than just to make it easy to find among others.

You can buy ones now that match up with the clothes you are wearing on an evening out. You have the dress, the shoes, the handbag, the jewellery all matching, why not accessorise your cell phone too?

Now you can. Shop at Amazon and see what beautiful designer cell phone covers are available.

LG phones

Lg Env3 VX9200

LG Xenon GR500

LG Tritan AX840/UX840

LG Env Touch VX11000

LG Rhythm AX585/UX585

There are a few designer cases for this phone and I have grouped them together, so that if you have this type of phone you will see at a glance what is on offer.

LG have a colourful range for girls of all ages, in zebra prints of purple, lilac and blues.

Cell phone covers will help protect your phone from scratches and damages, cocooned inside these clip on covers, so your phone not only looks good and unique, it is protected too.


I could only find one really nice one for the Motorola range and this one is specifically for the Motorola Clutch i465, and comes in a Zebra stripe design with black, pink, blue and green stripes on a white background. I think this is an especially pretty cell phone cover and one I would buy myself.

Apple iPhone 1G

If you have an iPhone 1G these beautiful covers are available with either gold or silver plate. The silver plated also comes with Pink Swarovski Crystals which will make a beautiful accessory on a night out. Packed with elegance,design and sophistication, it will tell the world you have exquisite taste for not only the finer things in life, but for the finest technology.

Multi-cell phones

These little cell phone covers are more like mini-purses and will fit amost any cell phone. They can be placed discreetly in your handbag, protected from the rough and tumble  of keys, wallets and other things you keep in your handbag. Alternatively, if you are expecting an important call you could have it on the table in front of you where it will be easily identifiable if others are there with you.


This cover fits the Samsung Exclaim M550 and comes in baby blue, a color which accessorises really well. No matter what colors you are dressed in, blue will match and complement what you are wearing.


This colorful Zebra print design in pinks and and blacks is perfect for your Blackberry Tour 9630, not only protecting the body of your cell phone, and making it stand out from the crowd.


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