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Buy Kindle Fire in Australia

Updated on November 28, 2011

As the release date reached - November 15, the Kindle Fire Tablet pre-order count topped 250000.

Purchase Amazon Kindle Fire Online

Well, the most amazing ebook reader manufacturer of the world have launched again a frontline, feature rich tablet - Amazon Kindle Fire -to rule the tablet craze. Having reviewed a lot about the Kindle ebook readers I am highly excited to present some the awesome features of the new Kindle Fire. The popularity of Kindle ereader is one thing I know well enough from hundreads of reads my reviews about them is adored with everyday. Now, with the all new Kindle tablet we have a lot more things to talk about. The Kindle Fire Tablet from Amazon comes with cutting edge cloud technology(free), dual-core processors, 10,000 free movies and tv show streaming, ultra fast web browsing, highly durable display screen and extra wide viewing angle. Ok, that was too much in one breath. I’ll split up. Before that just keep in mind, all these mind-blowing features comes in Amazon Kindle Fire Priced just 199$.

When I did a bit or research in the internet, I was surprised to read that a trusted Amazon whistle blower revealed that 2,000 units of Kindle fire is manufactured every hour during the pre - order season itself. This amounts to roughly 50,000 units a day. Within the first five days of its release announcement more than a quarter million people have flocked to order Amazon Fire. Its almost sure that amazon sales would reach up to 2.5 Million pre-orders before November 15th. Just as the way they revolutionized digital reading with Kindle E-book reader.The Amazon Kindle Fire is especially designed to revolutionize the video streaming technology.

Can I Buy Kindle FIre in Australia?

No. Amazon doesn't ship Kindle to Australia the delivery is made to U.S. only. But there is a there is a workaround to buy Kindle Fire in Australia. You can make the purchase with Amazon gift cards and provide a 3rd party U.S. delivery address which you can easily get from some specific shipping companies . They will ship it to your address in Australia when the delivery arrives to their U.S address. A step by step instruction to buy Kindle fire in Australia can be found here. You will get your Kindle Fire delivered in Australia for a slight extra charge from the shipping company. Despite, some reviews that discourage buying Kindle Fire in Australia because Amazon doesn't provide direct download services withing the country, Aussies have given a huge welcome to the device. It works as good and even better than any other tablets available today. The best part is its worth for money, you could get 3 Fire the price for 1 iPad.

Feature rich , cloud and touch with other plenty of features.Amazon Kindle Fire turns out ot be the best tablet for people who are fond of reading.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet for 199$
Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet for 199$

Where Can I Buy Amazon Kindle Fire?

Amazon Kindle Fire is one device that scored record high preorders. You can buy Kindle Fire tablet online from Amazon, Best Buy and other vendors. Since it’s an Amazon product, I’d say the best place to get it would be from Amazon. From November 15th onwards you can also get it in local strores. If you want to preorder Amazon Kindle Fire you could do it at Amazon or Best Buy( I’ve provided the Amazon’s link to Kindle Fire in box on top).

Who Should Buy Amazon Kindle Fire?
This is one answer that I want to shout out loud. ‘ If you are obsessed with Kindle ebook reader and is one among the thousands of fans of the previous Kindle, you are bewildered by the fuzz caused by new tablets every month, you are wondering if moving from Kindle to a tablet like Galaxy tab or and iPad would give the same passive peaceful luxury to a fond reader. Then “ Amazon Kindle Fire is for you ” . (by the way, I’d also like to say you are awesomely virtuous person and I’d like to fan you in fb).Generally, speaking I’d suggest it to each and every person who is fond of reading. Amazon provides millions of books online and the Kindle Fire would be a fantastic tablet for children. I would suggest it to the parents who worry, buying a tablet would hinder the philosophical growth of childern.

Free Cloud Storage in Amazon Kindle Fire

This an innovative feature that makes Amazon Kindle Fire to stand out from the other tablets. I guess this feature could put a rose on Google Chromebook’s grave ( It’s fully cloud storage , but for a higher price). In the case of Kindle Fire , the free cloud storage is limited to Amazon contents like, books and video on demand etc. This is a plus for anyone who was seeking a ‘tablet’+’ebook-reader’ hybrid device.

Powerful dual core processors
Needless to say how fast a small tablet could be if the processor used in laptops are inside it. Rearly, pdas come with dual core processors. The last one I’ve heard was Dell XCD android phones.

Amazon Kindle Fire - Extra Durable Display
Amazon Kindle Fire - Extra Durable Display

Other Great features of Amazon Kindle Fire Include:

Durable Display Screens: You could put the Kindle Fire along with all your accessories like keychains, pens and still it doesn’t get a scratch.

Ultrafast Browsing : It has a new cloud based browsing system that revolutionizes the browsing system and brings you the contents faster.

Unlimited Entertainment : Millions of books to read from, over 17 million songs to listen to , all new movies as Video on Demand and plenty of Apps to play with.

You get all these and lot more for an affordable price of $199. Buy Kindle Fire tablet online today and be the first of your friends to get hooked.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Demo


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    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Hi Nanospeck,

      will you suggest me a good e-reader. I am living in Kozhikode and interested in reading english fiction and nonfiction. Please suggest me one. I am ready to spend upto 10K. Please do me a favour by giving me your valuable suggestion and all technicalities about these ereaders.