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Buy Kindle In Singapore From Amazon Online |Where Can I buy Kindle in Singapore ?

Updated on October 26, 2012

How to Buy Kindle in Singapore

This article explains all about how to buy kindle in Singapore. I have given all the necessary explanations on how make the purchase. The first thing you have to know is you cannot buy a kindle from a local store. The kindle is manufactured and distributed solely by amazon. They one of the worlds biggest online sellers.Until a few months back, kindle was sold only within the United States, but now the kindle has gone international and available for shipping to most of the countries . But unfortunately it is still not shipped to Singapore. If you choose Singapore as the shipping country then they will show a notice as shown in the paragraph below. But there is a workaround to buy Kindle in Singapore which I will explain in this article. If you follow the steps, then in a few days your kindle will be delivered to your Singapore address and you can start reading your favourite ebooks on kindle. While purchasing, don't forget to add a lighted kindle leather cover to keep your precious kindle from any mishandles.

Currently Kindle not shipped to Singapore!

***The amazon have now displayed some troubles in shipping kindles to singapore. But we hope that it will be solved soon and the shipping will start.This page will be updated when the change happens, you can bookmark this page to check back later or if you'd like you can also keep checking the Amazon website directly. Until then you can read and reasearch more about the awesome features of Kindle.***

Warning Displayed:

"Unfortunately, we are currently unable to ship Kindles or offer Kindle content in Singapore."

(Updated : 7 Nov 2011)

Workaround to buy Kindle In Singapore

Although Amazon doesn't directly ship kindle to Singapore, after a short research I've found a genuine technique to buy Kindle in Singapore. The trick is you need to make the payment using Amazon Gift cards ( which can be purchased by using any credit cards in Singapore) from a US address and forward it to a your Singapore address. The method is absolutely safe and legal. You can check the credential of the shipment forwarding company in the internet.Kindly follow the step by step mentioned below

Step 1

Go to website and create an Amazon account. (skip this step if you already have an account).


Step 2

Go to and create an account. Borderlinx is a trusted third-party mail forwarder. They will give you a US address which you have to enter while purchasing the Kindle. The Kindle will be shipped to your Singapore address by borderlinx.

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Amazon Kindle

Step 3

You have to calculate how much you want to spend for the Kindle to buy the gift cards accordingly. Browse the kindle store and calculate the total amount required for the purchase. Most users would essentially need a lighted kindle leather cover which is not shipped with the kindle.

Step 4

Now you have to purchase the amazon gift card here (delivered by email), of the required cost. You can use any Singapore credit cards to purchase the gift card.

Step 5

Next go to the US Kindle shipping page (here). Make sure that you don't go to the international shipping page, you can't buy it from there. They might notice you as

"Live outside the U.S.? Kindle is available to ship outside of the U.S. from this link".

But just ignore that notice and proceed with your purchase because we are going to ship Kindle to a US address( provided by borderlinx).

Step 6

Now select the Kindle model you want and click 'add to cart'. Similarly, add up all the Kindle accessories. When you reach the payment page , choose ' Pay by Gift Card' and enter the US address provided by Borderlinx.

Step 7 (Finished)

Amazon will ship the Kindle to the US address of Borderlinx you entered. When Borderlinx receives the shipment you will get a confirmation mail . Then they will forward your Kindle to your Singapore address. Now sit back and relax while Kindle reaches your home in Singapore.

How much will it cost to buy Kindle in Singapore?

Kindle Model
Kindle WiFi with Spl Offers
Kindle WiFi
Kindle 3G With Spl Offers
Kindle 3G
Kindle Fire Tablet
All Prices are in SGD. Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 1.2 SGD

Kindle In More Countries!

Kindle has become highly popular in many of the countries soon after Amazon started to ship it internationally. Other than Singapore, now you can buy Amazon Kindle in Canada, UK and Africa directly from Amazon.

Some Mind blowing Features Of Kindle

Kindle has totally revolutionized reading. It has some amazing features that are sculpted solely to enhance 'reading'. Lets look at the few fantabulous of them.

Free Global Wireless 3G

The Kindle have agreements with all the 3G providers in every countrly. Wherever 3G is available in Singapore, you can acess it for free. You don't have any monthly bills or annual contracts for this.This means that you can download the book you want wherever you are without running back to your pc.

20% Faster Page Turning

The new technology combination of hand and button to turn pages makes your reading 20% faster than reading a normal hard-cover book.

Really Light Weight

Kindle is ligher than a normal paper back. Where reading for long hours, weight does really matters and the ligher it is the more you feel to read. The Kindle weights only 8.7 ounces and still you an store over 3500 books in it. This feature simply unbounds the worst barrier for every reader.

One Month Battery Life

Yes! That's true the new Kindle give a battery life of one month when the Wi-Fi is turned off. It's one of the backbone feature of Kindle that helps it beat every smart phone and tablet that comes on its way.

Paper - like display with E-Ink

Many of the reviewers of Kindle write that on first impression they had mistaken the screen of Kindle with that of a paper. That's must be true because Kindle uses the latest 'Pearl Display' technology of Electroinc ink. This techonlogy was acclaimed as one of the best innovation of 2010.

The features of Kindle doesn't end with this. But these are the best ones which any reader can never miss.

How Kindle Beats Even Smartphones!

Kindle lets you read for up to one month on a single charge versus hours on a tablet or smart phone
Kindle lets you read for up to one month on a single charge versus hours on a tablet or smart phone
1.Kindle is readable in bright sunlight - with no glare. 2.Backlit LCDs are difficult to read in sunlight.
1.Kindle is readable in bright sunlight - with no glare. 2.Backlit LCDs are difficult to read in sunlight.

Why buy Kindle 3 ?


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    • profile image

      thumbelina 6 years ago

      well, i followed your step on trying to purchase the product out of USA and amazon said

      "Unfortunately, we are currently unable to ship Kindles or offer Kindle content in Singapore."

    • daniel steve profile image

      daniel steve 6 years ago from India

      Good was useful.Check my hub also