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Buy Kindle In South Africa - In 2 Easy Steps

Updated on July 4, 2011

Where To Buy Kindle in South Africa

In this article you can find the full description on how to buy Amazon Kindle in South Africa online. Kindle is the #1 bestseller product in Amazon and among one of the best ebook readers available today. It haves some stunning features that beats event the best smart phones and new tablets. So far Kindle is not sold in stores anywhere in South Africa or any other countries. If you want to buy one you'll have to get it shipped directly from Amazon to South Africa.Previously, Kindle was available inside U.S. only but now Amazon ships Kindle internationally and it can be brought from most of the countries. For purchasing Kindle in South Africa, you can reach the shipping page through the product link given at the right side of this paragraph and then choosing your country to South Africa as illustrated in the image below this paragraph. Since the international availability of of Kindle, South Africa is the fourth amongst the countries that have high demand. There are lots of features that sets apart Kindle from other ebook readers. The fact that its carved exclusively for reading makes it the most precious gift a reader would want. And this is exactly what makes it a more comfortable reading experience than from a PC, Smartphone or even a tablet. Since this is the era of Tablets you might want to compare their features with Kindle little more carefully to be sure that you had made the right choice in buying a Kindle. If you are a person who love reading, I'm sure that you would passionately fall for Kindle at the end.

This is the image of page that you will see when you click on the above link to buy kindle in South Africa.Click on the area corresponding to the Red Circle and choose your country as South Africa.
This is the image of page that you will see when you click on the above link to buy kindle in South Africa.Click on the area corresponding to the Red Circle and choose your country as South Africa.

Some Stupefying Features Of Kindle

  • As light as a hardcover book and thin as a pencil.
  • More than 1500 books (as good as having as library in your hands) at your fingertips without all the weight.
  • Better reading experience with the E-ink used especially for continuous reading.
  • Free 3G connectivity, access and purchase books under 60 seconds from wherever you have 3G coverage in South Africa , no added charges and no monthly contracts.
  • Really long battery life up to 30 days.

The features are not yet finished, the above are the most awesome among other features. You can check more about Kindle from the Amazons page. Hope this article helped you out to buy kindle in South Africa and enjoy the relentless pleasure of readership.

Official Link To buy Kindle DX in South Africa

To buy Kindle DX in South Africa

The procedure to buy Kindle DX is also same as the other normal Kindle. You just have to change the Kindle model. The Kindle DX is a much wider display for more convenient reading and have a battery life of 2-3 weeks when Wi-Fi is off.  It's also 10 ounce heavier than the other Kindle. For those who like to read in wider display and bigger fonts the Kindle DX would be more comfortable. All features are same as the other normal model. You can have a glance at the comparison of the three from the illustration below.

Kindle Comparison

Kindle Video Review

Watch the Kindle video review to visually understand how it completely transforms your reading experience till today. You can get an overview of how it fits into your palm, how the anti-glare helps you read even in bright sunlight and tons of other features in just few minutes through this video.


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