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Macbook Pro Battery a1175 - Buy Online

Updated on July 15, 2011

Where to buy Macbook pro battery A1175

If you are looking to buy Macbook pro battery a1175 online for the best price then you can take it from amazon with great offers. The average life of the battery guaranteed by apple is 300 cycles of charging, which amounts to 2 years of normal usage. The battery can be used as a replacement for your mac-book battery. The first battery at the top of the list can sometimes be shipped only within US. If you are want to buy macbook pro battery a1175 in UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore or any other country then you can go for any one of the two battery listed below the first one. Always on the move? Do you travel a lot and try to keep online with work wherever you go? Then a set a spare of batteries is what you need. You can keep a charged one always with you and use it when the current battery drains out. Again you can charge the drained out battery somewhere while you continue working with the backup of spare battery. This has another advantage of helping your batteries last longer since they will -individually -undergo less cycle of charges, its a smart way if maximizing your productivity for the best cost. Combined usage of batteries considerably improves the utility of your laptop. The feature integrated charge indicator LEDs give the current capacity of the battery. If you found this page helpful, then vote it up by clicking the green oval below. Don't forget to share your comments and review about the macbook pro battery for a1175 and other mind blowing apple products displayed below, in the comments box below.


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    • ansonabey profile image

      ansonabey 7 years ago from Bangalore, India

      How to service a battery by ourself?