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Cheapest place to buy Motorola Triumph Online

Updated on February 25, 2012
Buy Motorola Triumph
Buy Motorola Triumph

Motorola Triumph From Amazon

Buy Motorola Triumph

Buy Motorola Triumph the exciting new sleek and slim smart phone in contract with Virigin Mobiles is now at Amazon. The preorder was open on June 27 2011 . The Motorola Triumph will be shipping started from July 19. Although it doesn't come with any break-through features the spot-light is on its price. The Motorola Triumph is priced at $299.99 at Best Buy. You can get it out from contract if you are ready to pay an extra 100 bucks. Virigin mobile have signalled good offers for the phone with attractive text, mms and web usage packs at various price range starting from $45. If you are looking for a stylish smart-phone for an affordable price then this is the right one to buy.

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Motorola Triumph Features

This smart phone is loaded with the latest version of Android 2.2 (Froyo) . One of the coolest change appreciated in this phone is the removal of the nasty UI previously offered by Motorola called the motoblur. The physical highlight of Triumph is its 4.1 inch screen and the cameras at the front and back. The device has a 1 GHz fast single-core snapdragon processor, that's fast enough for most of the apps on an Android 2.2. A drawback is that it doesn't support 4G ( you can't expect it to for such a handsome price) but it pulls upto 3.1 Mbps with the current 3G support.

Now, to be more technical the screen resolution is of 480 x 800. The front camera is VGA and the back camera is a powerful 5 megapixel one. A technical drawback is it's encrypted bootloader. However, the Motorola Triumph certainly holds value for money and is assured to work par expectations with the latest Android 2.2 inside.


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