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Buy Otterbox iPhone 4 Case Online and Save Big!

Updated on July 13, 2011
Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case
Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case

Why Buy Otterbox iPhone 4 Case Online?

So, why buy an Otterbox iPhone 4 case? What's the big deal about Otterbox cases? The big deal is customer satisfaction. Word of mouth has spread about these iPhone 4 cases, and now everyone wants one. They look sleek, are comfortable, and really protect.

If you own an iPhone 4, or know someone who does, you really should get an Otterbox case. Read the Otterbox iphone 4 case reviews below if you want more information.

But don't get it from the store and pay retail price. Buy Otterbox iPhone 4 case online and save- a lot! Click on the links to see how much money you will save!

If you are planning on buying an Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone 4 as a Christmas gift, it is recommended to buy now. Because of their huge popularity, Otterbox cell phone cases may be difficult or impossible to find during the Christmas holiday shopping season.

All Otterbox cases come with a year warranty.

Otterbox Defender Case for Iphone 4 Review

Otterbox Defender Features:

  • The Otterbox Defender iPhone case will protect your iPhone better than other cell phone cases. It has 3 layers to protect your phone by absorbing shock from falls or bumps.
  • The first layer is a thin clear membrane that covers your touch screen.
  • A second high impact layer of polycarbonate protects from drops, being bumped around and scratches.
  • The Otterbox Defender has a third outer protective layer made of soft, textured silicone for a firmer grip and shock protection from falls.
  • On top of that, there is an additional felt liner on the inside for even more cushioning protection.
  • The Otterbox Defender case wraps securely all around the phone to protect it from dust. The flexible silicone plugs even securely covers the earphone jack and USB port when not in use. This is a very important feature for many- ask my husband whose phone was completely ruined working in a dusty environment.
  • If you are traveling and want to protect your phone even more securely, just easily remove the cover on the back and place it on the front of your iPhone to shield the phone's touch screen.
  • The film that lies over the touch screen is resistant to fingerprints and smudges. It also doesn't create static or air bubbles.
  • Everything on your iPhone 4 is easily accessible- touch screen, camera, charger port, earphones, everything.
  • A convenient ratcheting belt holster is included, with options to hold your iPhone with either the front or back facing out. You can carry your iPhone 4 around vertically or horizontally. The holster can also be transformed into a stand to conveniently watch movies, etc, on your iPhone.
  • The Otterbox Defender case is compatible with most aftermarket iPhone chargers and iPhone accessories.
  • Although the Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case doesn't protect against water, it offers better protection from the elements than other iPhone cases.

Scroll to the bottom below the comments to see a drop test of the Otterbox Defender- The Apple iphone was dropped from the second story in a mall. Did the iphone and Defender case survive?

Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 Case Negatives:

I really don't see any. The only people that may not like an Otterbox Defender case for their iPhone are those that want to carry it in their pockets. It MAY be too bulky for this. It is thinner than the iPhone Defender 3G case, if that helps.

Click the link at the top of the page to see how much money you will save if you buy an Otterbox Defender iPhone 4 case online. To make the deal even sweeter, get free shipping, too!

Read on for an Otterbox Commuter iphone case review or information about the Otterbox Impact smartphone case.

Otterbox iphone 4 case - commuter
Otterbox iphone 4 case - commuter

Otterbox Commuter iPhone 4 Case Review

The Otterbox Commuter iPhone 4 case has all of the features of the Otterbox Defender iphone 4 case. The only difference is in the layers

The Otterbox Commuter case has the high impact polycarbonate layer on the outside, and the shock absorbing silicone layer is in the middle.

This Otterbox iPhone case design is for those that prefer a smooth, sleek outer layer as opposed to the Otterbox Defender, which has a soft silicone layer for comfort and a firm grip.

Both are excellent engineered and aesthetically pleasing Apple iphone cover designs. It's just a matter of taste and preference.

Currently save almost half by ordering from the link today! And get free shipping as well.

Buy Otterbox Impact Case for iPhone 4

The Otterbox Impact case is a less expensive smartphone case option. But it offers the same high quality as other Otterbox iPhone cases.

It is made of textured silicone to protect your iPhone and add a stronger grip. It has a cushioned inner core. It will help protect your Apple iphone 4 from minor falls, bumps, and scratches.

The Otterbox Impact has clear film to protect the touch screen and still be able to access the iphone 4 features and buttons.

However, the Otterbox Impact will not protect your iPhone 4 from dust like the other Otterbox cases. But it will offer as much protection from dust as most other brands of iPhone cases.

The Otterbox Impact case for the iPhone 4 is slimmer than other Otterbox cases, if that is an important feature for you.

Plus, save money and get free shipping if you buy online!

Otterbox Defender Case Drop Test Video

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