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Buy Razer Naga |Mamba | Deathadder | Sale At Best Price Mouse Online

Updated on December 8, 2011

Razer Naga

Buy Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse

Enter the Razer Naga. I thought this was a Photoshop joke when I first saw the picture. But they really have put a cell phone style keypad on the thumb side for a total of 17 buttons. What's amazing is they've done this while keeping the mouse a reasonable size and having all but one button within easy finger reach.Thoughtfully, Razer Naga includes rubbery stick on nubs that you can place as tactile landmarks to train yourself. Razer claims 88% of gamers are fully comfortable after 18 hours of play.If you buy Razer Naga mouse and all you really care about is the 12-key thumb pad. You will be very pleased to know that it lives up to every expectation You had.To conclude, if you are in the market for a gaming mouse, there is absolutely no comparison to the Razer Naga. No other mouse even comes close. Buy Razer Naga online from Amazon for reasonably best price.At it's current price, it is not even much more than your typical gaming mouse and I feel you get a lot more bang for your buck with this baby. Prepare to be impressed when you receive the Razer Naga as the packaging is very sleek and beautiful.

If you are really into Gaming then there is no better Gaming Weapon to choose than a Razer Mouse.
Razer collaborates with real time gamers to develop, manufacture and market cutting-edge gaming peripherals utilizing  technologies that give gamers the competitive edge.The involvement of expert gamers in developing Razer mouse helps to design it the way real Gamers want it.Moreover, Razer mouse have precision upto 2000 dpi where as other mice mostly have upto only around 400dpi. It is also the fastest mouse today, utilizing a full speed USB bus when other mice are still low speed USB devices, and is up to 8 times faster in terms of data polling.The model Razer Copperhead scored another world first by being an “intelligent mouse,” possessing 32kb of onboard memory.Their latest model Razer Mamba even have the feature to act as both wired and wirless mouse.Buying one of these mice can really enhance your gameplay.It is better to have a glance at the Amazon's stocks before you buy one.They give it out for really better price than the company fixed standard price.

Razer Mamba

Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse 5600 DPI

Buy Razer Mamba Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse 5600 DPI

The Razer Mamba design is a work of art , its shape is inspired by a combination of the latest in ergonomic design, gaming needs and modern style. Its abilities eclipse every other of its kind and are the absolute razor edge of current technology.The stylish Razer Mamba looks amazing on your desktop and the charging cradle also looks good, so you won't have some ugly charging station sitting atop your desktop.The battery life holds its charge for a long time . If you have big hands then I must say, the Razer Mamba's palm-rest is very comfortable, You get not cramps on your hand or any type of discomfort.Another feature is that you can use the mouse wired or wireless.I'd recommend to buy Razer Mamba to professional or hardcore gamers since all the mouse settings are saved on the local memory of the mouse and you can take it to tournaments and simply plug it in, preserving all of your settings and sensitivity stages that you customized in the drivers.Even though the mouse's max speed is 5600dpi. I doubt you'll even find use for it, it's just too freaking fast!!You can buy Razer Mamba, this piece of pure beauty from Amazon for cheaper price than what the company offers.

Razer Deathadder 3500 High Precision 3.5G Infrared Gaming Mouse

Buy Razer Deathadder 3500 High Precision 3.5G Infrared Gaming Mouse

This is the upgraded version of the Razer DeathAdder. 3500 DPI instead of 1800 DPI and this alone is a good reason to buy a Razer Deathadder for those who have brough the previous edition. This is the main difference, although I believe the newer version has a gold plated USB connector and obviously different drivers.The arc of the mouse is by far the most comfortable I've ever used, in that it actually follows the curve of one's hand how it instinctively would grab a mouse. It is also a right handed mouse.The mouse grip is completely slip resistant and oil resistant/absorbent.The sides of the Razer Deathadder mouse are a hard plastic and between the teflon feet and light weight of the mouse there is almost no resistance to movement.If you have a 24' monitor and when you want to click a link that places in the monitor's edge, you'll never need to move your Razer Deathadder to the end of the table (unlike ordinary mouses).The Deathadder has almost surgical accuracy. It moves fast, it aims fast, and the buttons click fast, with minimal finger movements.
The side bottons of the Razer Deathadder help you a lot! It works as (Forward/Back) in browsers, and games, well.. I don't know how to explain and make you get the exact point but you can say You can throw a frag grenade by one of those buttons then You can switch back to assualt rifle by the other side button quickly, yeah it's cool, I know that (lol).Buy Razer Deathadder from Amazon to get it at far better price than than from the company!

Razer Orochi Bluetooth Notebook Gaming Mouse

Buy Razer Orochi Bluetooth Notebook Gaming Mouse

Razer Orochid, by far the best portable mouse you would have ever brought, on the fly sensitivity, 7 buttons to configure!This device allows for precise gaming controls while plugged into USB (which features high quality gold plating and a fabric cord) or you have the option to unplug to bluetooth control.Moreover It has prescition of 4000 dpi Razer Precision 3G Laser sensor.
The addition of usb connectivity just adds to the greatness of this mouse. If you play games on a laptop, do yourself a favor and buy Razer Orochi mouse. It is easy to use for long gaming sessions and feels solid without being heavy, works on most normal surfaces without trouble, and glides like a dream!I say with no hesitation that this mouse is one of the best i have ever reviewed, wired, wireless, portable, or desktop.
Buy Razer Orochi now!

Razer Imperator Ergonomic Laser Gaming Mouse

Buy Razer Imperator Ergonomic Laser Gaming Mouse

The Razer Imperator 5600 dpi is the newest ergonomic model from Razer.The ergonomic feel is more precise than the deathadder, much better than the log*tech line of gamer mice. Razer Imperator's on the fly dpi buttons behind the wheel are a nice upgrade from the deathadder. The cable is braided and feels much stronger than that of older razer mice. Overall, the Razer Imperator feels great, runs smooth, and is perfect for those who prefer the form-fitting feel. I highly recommend this mouse for any PC gamer, and if you are on a smaller budget, I recommend you pick up a Death Adder.Most of the Razor Imperator's 5600 DPI you will never touch under ordinary usage, but it is there if you are gamer who loves playing with small movements. The software is similar to all of the other programmable Razer mice, with macros and on-the-fly sensitivity, but nothing I haven't seen before.It's just a bit too costly you can Buy Razor Imperator from Amazon for affordable price!

Razer Lachesis 4000 dpi Laser Gaming Mouse

Buy Razer Lachesis 4000 dpi Laser Gaming Mouse

This Razer Lachesis is a great mouse, which you can use anywhere on almost any surface (the laser doesn't work on glass obviously). The 4000 dpi are more than enough, personally too much for me but since you can reduce the dpi easily with the two buttons in the middle no problem at all. I liked the feeling of the mouse a lot and the cool design anyways.The Razer Lachesis's buttons on the side: This is an ambidextrous mouse, meaning the buttons on the side are made so that they are easy to press with your thumb, so obviously on the other side of the mouse you don't have another thumb. Because you can use this as a lefty or a righty, one side of the mouse will have buttons that aren't exactly natural for your fingers to use.Really nice mouse for gaming and high precision work, but if you don't do either you probably don't need this mouse.The driver with which you can program the mouse buttons seperatly works fine and is quite user friendly. Overall a great mouse!Buy Razer Lachesis from Amazon for the best available price and to go through the reiviews of customers who already have brought the Razer Lachesis.


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    • nanospeck profile imageAUTHOR

      Akhil Anil 

      8 years ago

      Happy to know that it wz helpful She-rah!For Gamers Razer is the best brand in town now.Thats why i chose to write on it.

    • She-rah profile image


      8 years ago from Springfield, IL

      Nice article, my husband and kids are big gamers, so I will have to look into this a bit more. Thanks!


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