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Sony Tablet Pc P Release Date | Pre Order | Price

Updated on September 25, 2011
Sony S2 Tablet PC
Sony S2 Tablet PC
Sony S1 Tablet PC
Sony S1 Tablet PC

Sony Tablet PC Sale Commences

The Sony Tablet PC was unveiled on April 2011 and was released by fall of this year. Sony has indicated that it aims to take over the second position after the Apple in tablet PC sale within just 1 year. The tablet pc tablet is expected to quadruple in the next four years. Although Sony has lost the 'starting advantage' in the tablet industry, they have millions of customers worldwide who use products like PlayStation to communicate with others around the globe. With huge number of such customers, Sony tablet could take away a lucrative share from the market. Much of the features of Sony Tablet are yet to be revealed but the fact that it runs Android 3.0 Operating System is real good news.

Sony Tablet Release Update : The Codenames of both S1 and S2 are changed to Sony Tablet PC P and S . The P stand for 'portable'. S is the sleek model. The Sony tablet S is available for order/ pre-order on all of the major stores including Amazon. Sony later revealed that both the Sony Tablet P and S will be shipped with a more recent version of Android operating system - Android 3.2. The Android 3.2 will be released by the time that Sony tabs starts shipping.

The Sony Tablets Are Likely To be Released in September

The tablets have arrived as cool Christmas gifts. The sale / pre order for Sony Tablet has begun from September first week and will hopefully expand to full fledged availability world wide by November. Of course Sony Centers will be the first places to showcase this masterpiece. You can directly buy Sony Tablet Pc online from amazon for good deal. It's also available in shopping sites like BestBuy.

The S1 and S2 Sony PC Tablet

Sony has not given it away with just one version. Instead, they are launching two versions - S1 and S2 Tablet PCs. They both have variations in size and difference in handling.They are designed to handle rich media and mobile environment seamlessly and is expected to support both 3G and 4G. They come with built in Wi-Fi and is designed to reflect a folded magazine or newspaper.

Sony S1 Tablet PC
The S1 series of tablet PC is a 9.4 inch touch screen tablet that remains within the boundaries of the ‘tablet’. It’s obviously the the competition model to Ipad like tablets in the market. It’s designed to reflect a folded newspaper or magazine in hand.

Sony S2 Tablet PC
The Sony S2 comes with special split screens that can act as either separate screens or a single screen. This Nintendo like design is likely to give more support to gamers and mobility functions (a finer smartphone - tablet mixed device perhaps) . The S2 model exhibits the usual flair of Sony to go beyond conventional standards and ideologies in ‘designing’ hi tech gadgets.

Sony S2 could be More Expensive

The price of Sony S1 and S2 are not yet revealed but the Sony S2 would be more expensive than the S1 tablet. They will have to limit their price if they have to shatter the current tablet makers domination.

Sony Tablet | The Android 3.0 Operating System

Android 3.0 is the super-cool version of Android Operating System released exclusively for Tablet PCs. It focuses on fully utilizing the hardware capabilities of Tablet PC's for enhancing user experience. The previous versions of Android Operating Systems were designed basically for phones. Tablets such as the initial versions of Galaxy Tab (9) had to use the Android 2.3 (designed for phones). Motorola Xoom was the first tablet PC to come installed with Android 3.0. Android is better than Apple iOS in the aspect that you can run the applications you write on your device. That's pretty much of an open source previlage we get with Android.

Sharing Is Caring
Sharing Is Caring


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    • Shawn Scarborough profile image

      Shawn Scarborough 

      7 years ago from The Lone Star State

      The Sony tablet looks pretty cool. I can't wait to look at one once they hit the store shelves.

    • tamarindcandy profile image


      7 years ago

      They're so sleek and well-designed, shame about the potential price though.


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