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Cell Phone Charger 2015

Updated on April 29, 2015
This charger can work on 4 different power sources as featured on PCMAg as a possible Mother's Day gift.
This charger can work on 4 different power sources as featured on PCMAg as a possible Mother's Day gift. | Source

Buy a Cell Phone Charger Online

The use of cell phones has become increasingly important in most people's daily lives. In fact, I often wonder why I still have a land line and the monthly bill that comes with it. Using our cell phones as much as we do also causes those dreaded cell phone batteries to lose their charge usually at just the wrong time. Here you can look through a variety of cell phone chargers and buy a cell phone charger online. This sale takes place through so you still get all the usual benefits and shipping guarantees that you normally would with them when you click on any of these links.

How to Make a Solar Cell Phone Charger

Motorola Mini USB Wall Charger for Motorola Phones

This charger is small and lightweight for convenience and easy storage. This cell phone charger also powers your cell phone while charging the battery at the same time.It'll take anywhere from two to five hours to charge the battery depending on how low the battery is currently at. It also works on these phones: Motorola Mini USB Travel Charger for RAZR V3 , KRZR K1/K1m, SLVR, PEBL, and Q Phone The overall customer reviews for this phone are very much on the positive side which leads me to believe that you can't go wrong with this charger.

Battery Operated Cell Phone Charger


Top 5 Unusual Cell Phone Chargers Video Scoop

The video I found below has to have some of the weirdest chargers that I have ever seen, One of the chargers has you stepping on an air pump to charger it. I'm really not sure why anyone would want to do that but it is supposed to be environmentally good I guess. Another one of the chargers featured in the video has you actually strap a mask on your face and breath into it while you sleep I guess and it somehow uses your exhaled breath to charge the phone. Now really, who would want to do that? Maybe if you were camping somewhere in the middle of nowhere I guess? Another one of the chargers is really freaky, It is charged by electricity but looks like an umbilical cord and the charger kinds of moves while the phone is charging. That is just weird. How in the world did someone come up with that?

Top 5 Unusual Cell Phone Chargers

Cell Phone Charger-dynamo with 14 Adapters

This charger looks really cool. It's got 14 different adapters. No need to worry if you are buying the right adapter here and you can use it for the family if several members have different types of phones. It does not need batteries and even has the popular iphone adapter as so many people seem to have iphones these days. I knpw we love our iphones here at my house. Here are some of the phones that it works with: Motorola x2, Nextel, Sony, Ericsson, iPod/iPhone, Nokia x 2, Samsung, Seimens x 2, LG x 3. Heck, hey offer a money back guarantee if it doesn't work with your own cell phone. It looks like a winner to me.

Teen Invents 20 Second Cell Phone Charger!

WOW! A 20 Second Charger

The YouTube video above tells of a girl that actually won a $50,000 prize by inventing a super cell type device that can charge a cell phone on 20 seconds. Can you imagine how popular this would be if it were to be able to be made commercially viable? This would be huge. Your phone is dead and plug it in and 20 seconds later you are good to go. Wow! That would be really something. It's stated in the video that the girl decided to invent this device out of her own frustration from charging her cell phone. Isn't that neat how people recognize a big problem and do something to meet that need and fix it. That's how people get rich. Nice going young lady and keep up the good work.


6-Outlet Charging Valet

This charger is really cool. You can recharge up to six devices at once. Everyone in the house could put their phones in the same spot to recharge. It comes in a nice wood cabinet with a built in power strip for six outlets. It also comes with two nine inch extension cords. It's very nice and could solve a lot of problems with one purchase.


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