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Buy an iPad or a fully fledged convertible tablet?

Updated on June 21, 2012

Now that tablets are getting more and more popular it’s the time to draw the line and see what’s best for consumers: a convertible tablet or an iPad. In this article I’ll try and answer this question by taking in consideration multiple factors like functionality, price and user preferences.

Let’s begin by seeing what are the most important factors to take into consideration if you want to buy a tablet and have to choose between the iPad and a regular convertible tablet.


This is te most important factor for many consumers. If it’s too high compared to the price range of the gadgets in the same category users probabily won’t want one. Apple did really something nice with the iPad, positioning it low, with prices starting at 499$.


The iPad is great for occasional browsing, listening to music, wathing some movies, viewing and sharing photos, but that’s pretty much it. If you plan on doing some work you’re better off with a convertible tablet that offers the advantages of both worlds, with the difference that it’s way heavier than the iPad and the battery lasts a lot less. This is something normal, as we’re pitting together a computers and a mobile surfing device.

UI responsiveness

It’s obvious that a covertible tablet, especially one with netbook guts won’t run as smoothly as the iPad, who was carefully designed by Apple to be lighting fast, but with the sacrifice of functionality. This choice depends on your preferences, nothing more, nothing less.

Access to content

Even if the iPad won’t help you work on the road it will keep you from getting bored, as it has access to iTunes library, iBookstore and the Appstore. You’ll find something to entertain you in the few dozen thousand of things to choose from. Prepare your credit card though.


As you can see choosing between the iPad and a convertible tablet is not easy, as it all depends on your preferences. Just take a look at the things I wrote above and carefully plan your purchase.


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