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Buy iPad 128 GB with Retina Display - 2015 Unlocked Versions from Apple

Updated on July 24, 2015

New iPad by Apple

iPad is one of the most amazing devices by Apple to perform some mini tasks. People who love computing with portable mini devices, iPad 128 GB is the perfect option for them. Before this version, Apple released 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. 128 GB is the following version of old iPad and this one is the 4G version.

Photos of the beautiful iPad

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Cool New Features of iPad 4 - 128GB

128 GB gigantic memory space:

People who had wished to have some more free spaces in their iPad 64 GB will obviously like the new iPad. 128 GB iPad is the perfect one for the businesspersons and also college going students. You can save any kind of files in it and play HD movies with the media players in it. Some ultra-books also do not have this much space for saving files and this is why the new iPad is heating the market. We all know that there is no way to increase the memory space of any Apple tablets or smartphones so they made this new iPad with a gigantic memory space.

The display is 9.7-inches with 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution sharp retina display:

Retina display is the top class display, which was used on many Smartphone before. To give the user a great video watching experience, Apple made the display size perfect for HD video watching. The size of the display is perfect for gaming too. You can play HD games in your iPad and enjoy watching HD movies in it. As a pocket-computing device, you can do many other tasks that require having a clear display. 9.7-Inch iPad does not have much border around the display so the size of the display is quite big and almost near to a notebook PC display.

Dual Core A6X CPU:

New iPad 128 GB is faster than the old iPad. You can do any task faster than ever. The new CPU has the ability of using less power and does the maximum tasks. A6X CPU can handle multiple tasks at a same time without giving the user a bad experience of slow computing. This processor can be compared to a multiple core desktop computer’s processor.

More features of new iPad 128 GB

Fast Wi-Fi:

IPad 128 GB has the best performing Wi-Fi device. You can access the internet and get the total speed of the ISP with this new iPad. Not all Wi-Fi enabled devices can use the total offered internet speed but the new iPad has the capability of using the total offered speed. You can use the maximum speed to download anything from the internet and save the file in your iPad without worrying about empty spaces.

IOS 6.1:

Operating system plays a big role. New iOS 6.1 supports many new applications and can operate any task faster than ever.

iPad or iPad Air?

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Full Unlocked iPad 128 GB - Newest Version

Buy iPad 128GB with Free Shipping

Factory Unlocked Apple iPad AIR MF016LL/A (128GB, Wi-Fi + 4G LTE, Black with Space Gray) Newest Version
Factory Unlocked Apple iPad AIR MF016LL/A (128GB, Wi-Fi + 4G LTE, Black with Space Gray) Newest Version

Price of new iPad 128 GB

It was rumored that the price of the new iPad is $799, but market prices were as high as $1099. This tablet will cost less than some smartphones though. Since the price is not too much high, people can get this smart computing device within their budget.


What is the price of iPad 128GB?

The models of iPad 4th Generation - 128 GB comes with a massive 128 GigaBytes of memory. This is a great deal for professionals and this makes this versatile gadget a little shy of performance from Apple's Mac.

The WiFi only model is price tagged at 799 US Dollars. Similarly, $929 is the price for cellular model - and over $1000 for full unlocked models (without contract).

Why you might want to buy the new iPad 128GB

After checking all features, especially the shape of the display and the memory spaces, anyone would like to get one iPad 128 GB. If you compare this new iPad with other tablet computing devices, then obviously you will find this new iPad better than the other tablet computing devices.

Why you might not want to buy new iPad 128 GB

If you look at the features then the new iPad will be obviously a rocking tablet computer to you but the price is a little higher than it should be. Well, many people accepted the price but logically the price should be less than the announced price because Apple Macbook Air costs only $70 more than the new iPad 128 GB.


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    • profile image 3 years ago

      how about cellular model in 128gb

    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      I like the balanced way you point out that the mega-sized iPad might not be the right choice if someone really needs the Air. I have both, but only the 64gb iPad (which should do me for many years). Totally into Apple now, and love their products.

      Nice hub - voted up!