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Buy iPhone 4S in Dubai

Updated on March 26, 2012

Buy iPhone 4S in Dubai

In Dubai iPhone 4S is supplied by two providers , Etisalat and Du. These are the only two telecom providers existing in Dubai. Both of them provide a wide variety of iPhone 4S plans in Dubai. The best way to purchase iPhone 4S to use in Dubai is to compare all the plans provided by Etisalat and Du, and choose the best one as per your usage. This article provides an overview of all the iPhone 4S plans by Etisalat and Du. I will also point out some best places from where you can buy iPhone 4S for using it in another country (outside UAE).The Facetime feature is not available in the UAE. Dubai, is one of the prime locations in Middle East that reached record iPhone sales. With the easy and affordable plans provided by both Etisalat and Du, using iPhone turns even more fun.

iPhone 4S Dubai

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A markerSharaf DG, Dubai, UAE -
Sharaf DG Metro Station 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Buy iPhone 4S in Dubai

B markerDubai Mall, Dubai, UAE -
Burj Dubai Metro Station - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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Buy iPhone 4S in Dubai

C markerEtisalat, Dubai, UAE -
Etisalat - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
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Buying iPhone 4S from Du

There are four iPhone 4S plans provided by Du. Each is different from one another in call charges and data usage charges so that you can choose best one according to your needs. The four plans are

Elite Regular Plan-: The Elite Regular Plan starts with very low charge of Dhs. 25/- and it receives a free data usage of 1 GB.

Elite Super Plan-: The Elite Super Plan starts with a medium charge of Dhs. 100/-per month. It has an additional data benefit of 1 GB. Additional plans of Dhs. 250, Dhs. 500, Dhs. 750 per month are also available in Elite Super Plan. Its additional data benefits are 2 GB, 10 GB and 10GB.

Emirati Plan-: In Emirati Plan the charge starts from Dhs. 100/- per month with an additional data benefit of 1 GB. There are Dhs. 250, Dhs. 500 per month are the other two Emirati Plan charges with an additional data benefit s of 2 GB and 10 GB.

Pay As You Go

Buy your iPhone 4S with “pay as you Go “ line to enjoy free data of 1 GB with a minimum monthly expense of AED 100 for one year.

Buy iPhone 4S in Dubai
Buy iPhone 4S in Dubai

Buying iPhone 4S from Etisalat

We can buy iPhone 4S from Etisalat with an unbeatable price . There are 2 plan prices to choose from (Plan 1 and Plan 2) .In plan 1,16 GB is available for Dhs. 1999, 32 GB is available for Dhs. 2399 and 64 GB is available for Dhs. 2799.

In plan 2 , 16 GB is free , 32 GB for very low price of Dhs.399 and for 64 GB for Dhs. 799.

Post paid plan of Etisalat

There are Plan 1 and Plan 2 for Etisalat post paid plan. In plan one the monthly charge is very low with a charge ofDhs. 99/- only with a national smsof 2oo per month. National data is 1000 (MB/month)and gettingbonus of 200 local or 50 international. In plan two themonthly charge is 249 Dhs. With national sms of 200 per month. National data (MB/month) is 2000 and bonus of 400 local or 100 international calls.

Du iPhone 4S Plans

iPhone 4S du Plan
iPhone 4S du Plan

Buying iPhone 4S to use outside UAE

There are a lot of places from where you can buy iPhone 4S for usage outside UAE.Some of the best places are:

  • Sharaf DG, Al Raffa, Dubai
  • Dubai Mall, Dubai
  • Sharaf DG, Bur Dubai, Dubai


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    • profile image

      Chris Anderson 4 years ago

      Yes we have the iPhone (4, 4S,& 5) in stock for sale at considerable prices.

      i Phone 4G 16GB Cost..........US$400

      i Phone 4G 32GB Cost..........US$430

      i Phone 4s 16GB Cost..........US$500

      i Phone 4s 32GB Cost..........US$540

      i Phone 4s 64GB Cost..........US$600

      i Phone 5 64GB Cost..........US$790

      i Phone 5 32GB Cost..........US$740

      i Phone 5 16GB Cost..........US$700

      We are located here in Malaysia, USA, UK, and India where we ship to every part of the world and within 48-72hrs you receive your product right at your Door-Step without any delay.

      Are you interested in buying the iPhone from us, then provide us with your (Full Names, Shipping Address & Mobile number so we can reach out to you.)

      Note: The prices above are subject to Negotiable

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    • profile image

      Farzin darvish 5 years ago

      Farzin darvish.

    • profile image

      Farzin darvish 5 years ago

      We need 50pcs iPhone 4s 4G 64G

      Pls send to me price list.


    • profile image

      Mark Tom 5 years ago

      I have bought my iPhone 4s from a online shop in Dubai because the iPhone 4s provided by etisalat is without face-time app and i find iPhone 4s with face-time app from