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mp3 Player Reviews 2014

Updated on December 7, 2013

The newest generation of mp3 players support music, photos and video. If you are looking to buy a brand new mp3 player you won't find it cheaper than you do online. I think the technology is much more mature these days, than it use to be, which means fewer bugs for you and me.

In mp3 player reviews 2014 we review the newest Ipod as well as it's closest competitors.

Ipod - Buy mp3 player online
Ipod - Buy mp3 player online

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation)

This player is going to be able to hold a lot of your music, video or photos with a memory of 160 GB, which is equivalent to 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video or 25,000 photos. With a full charge, you will get 36 hours of music playback or 6 hours of video playback. It's hard to believe that you can get all of that in a device that fits into the palm of your hand.

You can get this classic looking mp3 player in black or silver. Either color has a nice sleek look to it. This mp3 player comes with a 2.5 inch color LCD screen with a LED backlight and 320x240 pixel resolution.

This mp3 player is a must if you have a lot of music in your collection and you want to be able to take all of it with you, wherever you go. If your car has an auxiliary jack, you can plug this player into that and listen to the tunes while you drive. The bugs that were present in previous versions has been worked on and are no longer an issue in this version, which should please many people that have wanted an iPod, but were waiting for software fixes or wanted to upgrade the one that they currently have.

Zen - Buy mp3 players online
Zen - Buy mp3 players online

Creative Zen 32 GB Portable Media Player

This unit comes with 32 GB of memory, which will hold 8,000 songs, 120 hours of video or hundreds of pictures. The creative Zen is a great gadget to use when you take long walks or bike rides, where you want a large variety of music with you. Some people prefer a machine that holds only a portion of their collection, but still a fair size, if they are not able to reload for quite a while. If size is a factor, this is a great mp3 player for you as it is only the width of a credit card, but still features a 2.5 inch color display. It only weighs 2.1 ounces so you will barely notice it when you are doing your activities and listening on a headset. This player supports all types of audio files, and you are not restricted just to one place to get your music from.

A great feature of this player is that you expand the memory, if you find that the internal memory is no longer able to suit your needs. There is also a built in FM radio, so if you feel the need to listen to something different, you can tune in to that instead.

For someone who wants an iPod but cannot afford or justify the price, this is a great machine to get instead. The sound quality is great, and the video display is easy to view from a variety of angles, or with two people watching. A big advantage for some people is that the memory is not a hard drive, so there are no movable parts that you have to worry about breaking down.

Sandisk mp3 player
Sandisk mp3 player

SanDisk Sansa Fuze 8 GB Video MP3 Player

For someone who wants to get an mp3 player but does not have a lot of money available, this is a machine to consider.   For a parent that wants to get their child an mp3 player or someone who wants a player just for the gym or when they are exercising, this is a great machine to have.    While it is only 8GB, that can hold up to 2,000 songs which is ideal for many people and you will probably want to reload once in a while for some variety.  If you find you need more capacity, there is a build in memory slot that you can use to increase the memory available.   There is also a built in radio if you need a change of pace. 

This machine is easy to get set up and running and you can organize your music into folders or set up custom play lists to get the best listening experience you can.    This machine is very stylish looking, but yet small enough to fit in a pocket to take with you anywhere.

If you are looking to buy mp3 player online, there are many options and price options available to you. These above are three great options in three different prices categories to help you pick out one that's best for you. Remember a name brand doesn’t always mean the best product.


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